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Magnus Carlsen

This is in stark contrast to last year’s WC in chess, where Carlsen won his fifth consecutive World Cup. In April, he relinquished the WC title.

All of the Long Chess World Cup matches were long and required a lot of preparation. The tension is intense, and Carlsen thinks he has nothing left to prove.

He’s now opened up about trying to reclaim the world title:

– I do not want to speculate on the possibility, but I do not rule out it in the future. Especially if there are changes to the WC format, he said in an interview with Iceland Ruv.

– severe nervous pressure

To NRK, father and manager Henrik Carlsen explains:

-When it comes to coordination, opening preparations are now so time-consuming and limited to the actual game of classic chess at the top level that Magnus must have gotten a little tired of the WC tournaments, says Henrik Carlsen.

Father: Henrik Carlsen is rarely away from his son when he plays tournaments. He won the world championship in blitz and speed chess in Moscow on Christmas 2019

Photo: Jørund Wessel Carlsen / NRK

Father and manager Henrik was close to Carlsen on all of the WC matches and witnessed how the WC match broke the players.

Magnus Carlsen sent the following message to NRK about what format will get him back to the restroom.

It’s not my business, Magnus Carlsen tells NRK, but I want a shorter period of thought and more partying.

I think one should have more thinking time in Fisher Chess, it is more complex. Carlsen explains that the thinking time is shorter in regular chess.

After the victory in London in 2018, he had barely captured the trophy before he released the idea that WC should rely more on blitzkrieg and fast chess. After the match against “Nebo” in December, he created new punches in the figure.

Nothing happened, and Carlsen gave up.

It’s a lot of work and a lot of stress. He felt he should win, it’s a lot worse than if you were a competitor. Then you have the opportunity to achieve something extraordinary, explains Henrik Carlsen.

Carlsen’s Big Dilemma

World Cup La Carlsen didn’t exactly come as a dwarf in a box; He had announced earlier that the only Frenchman, Alireza Firouzja, he wanted to meet.

Part of me hoped he would win, part of me didn’t, says Carlsen

Apparently a new World Cup match against Nepomengasheg was very unattractive.

Thus, the next World Cup match will be between Yan Nepomengashige and China’s Deng Liren. And next time Can Carlsen is fighting for the WC title.

– He’s played in WC a few times, I don’t know if he ever had specific ideas about coming back. Being open to the possibility at some point in the future can be a little hot. Maybe that’s what some people wanted to hear, says Father Henrik Carlsen.

Would you like to appreciate Magnus Carlsen’s chance to play in the toilet again?

I usually say that “when it comes to the future, the only people who can figure it out are the bookmakers.” I don’t know if they have odds of that or not.

– Do you put money on it?

– It depends on the possibilities, answers Henrik Carlsen.

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