Oracle’s Larry Ellison came up with a real blow to Amazon over their downtime

Oracle's Larry Ellison came up with a real blow to Amazon over their downtime

None of the largest cloud service providers can boast that the services are virtually downtime-free. Admittedly, it is rare for all clients to be affected simultaneously, when it first occurs. However, as was the case with Amazon Web Services in US-EAST-1 earlier in this region, the downtime was well notable for users of many known services operating from this particular cloud region.

It may also have been this downtime that inspired Oracle founder and CEO Larry Ellison to make statements about downtime during a conference call about the company’s quarterly numbers this week. This writes CNBC.

Oracle is a competitor in the cloud market with a much smaller market share than the top three companies, AWS, Microsoft and Google.

– Never go down

“Let me conclude with a letter that I will rewrite from a very large telecom company that uses the cloud and all three other clouds in North America — Google, Amazon, Microsoft,” Ellison said.

— The message is in principle “The one thing we’ve noticed with Oracle, Oracle Cloud, is that it never crashes. We can’t say the same about any of the other clouds. We think that’s something that makes a fundamental difference,” says Ellison.

The carrier in question is unknown, so there is no easy way to confirm the statement. But you can see What Oracle Cloud itself has announced About downtime and other problems the company has had in the past year and even going back in time. There was no shortage of such incidents, but a significant number of them only affected certain regions and services, as did the recent downturn in AWS. So the aforementioned client may have survived that.

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Perhaps the most comprehensive accident so far this year was the one that took place On March 11, as Oracle’s DNS infrastructure for more than an hour has prevented many users around the world from accessing services and other resources in the Oracle cloud.

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