Oslo Central Station fears dire consequences

Oslo Central Station fears dire consequences

It's in an interview Oslo newspaper Jon-Erik Lunøe, CEO of Bane Nor Eiendom, expressed concern that the Planning and Building Agency (PBE) did not want to support the project.

Bane Nor wants to build a new 100-meter-tall building, which they hope will help fund a major upgrade of today's buildings.

So it's these projects that the PBE won't send out for public review.

“The tall building will have many negative effects on the area around Østbanehallen and Jernbanetorget, and will have a high profile on the cityscape. The view from the castle to Ekebergassen, up and down Egertorget and through Karl Johans gate is not well looked after, and it's a cityscape and view of Oslo from many parts of the city. Oslo's urban landscape and the identity of Oslo's center will change and be significantly weakened, writes Siri Gautun Kieland, founding director of PBE. Reader post In the local newspaper.

Disagreement: Bane Nor Eiendom's managing director, Jon-Erik Lunøe, and PBE's agency director, Siri Gauthun Kielland, disagree about Oslo S's future plans. Photo: Aksel Jermstad & Tom Kolstad

“People should be allowed to have a say in our plans,” a frustrated Lune tells AO.

Ben Nor believes that the development of Norway's most important center is so risky that city dwellers should be allowed to participate in the discussion and design of the plans.

But PBE doesn't want any tall buildings south of the current track area. Bain Nor believes there is a high level of upside within current guidelines and regulations.

With the agency estimating that traffic will double by 2050, Lune fears the consequences of doing nothing in the area could be huge.

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“Two of today's three gateways are not even adequate for today's traffic,” it said.

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