Samir (23) from Norway is homeless

Samir (23) from Norway is homeless

Samir Ali came to Norway at the age of ten, his mother fell in love with a Norwegian man, and took his two sons to Little Sornes outside Kongswinger.

– She told us we were going on vacation to Norway. I do not understand why all the stuff should be packed, it seemed a little strange for the holiday trip. The ground was icy when we arrived and I was shocked when I realized we had moved well, he says good morning Norway.

Norwegian-British: Samir Ali was born in England. At the age of ten he moved to Norway. Photo: Private

Camp bed with 30 people

Became a gateway to football friends and the Norwegian language. He grew well and integrated quickly. But after the Russian era he wanted to go back to England.

– I wanted to return to my friends in the UK, besides, Scornes is a small place. I had to experience something different.

He moved to London with his one-year-old elder brother Mohammed, but without money and a place to live.

With no roof over their heads, the two brothers ended up in a homeless center. There they slept in a camp bed with more than 30 men in the basement of a church without any kind of privacy.

– It was hard in many ways, at the same time I met people from all over the world in different life situations. In the evenings before we went to sleep, we had a good conversation. We have nothing, so we are not afraid to lose anything. We had everything to gain, says Samir, and continues:

– I was never as happy as I was when I was homeless because during that period I realized what was really important; Friends, family and who you are as a person.

Back: The 23-year-old is happy he was at the center for the homeless.  Photo: Screenshot, Facebook

Back: The 23-year-old is happy he was at the center for the homeless. Photo: Screenshot, Facebook

Model life

Half a year after becoming a homeless person, a message came on Sameer’s Instagram account.

The news came from Alexander Norheim, a Norwegian modeling agent at Team Models, one of Norway’s largest modeling agencies.

– I do not believe he is serious, so I did not respond at first. But in the end I thought the answer was right. It ended with a meeting at the group’s offices in Oslo.

Norheim was active, and Samir was in contact with a large modeling company in London.

Early in their careers, most models had to work for free to build their portfolio, with Samir being no exception. So, while she was trying to create a modeling career on her feet, she stayed at the Center for the Homeless.

The legs are well planted on the floor

After long days on sets for various clients, she eventually worked at big fashion houses like Louis Vuitton and Lowe.

After her first fashion week in London, the Fashion Bible caught on Vogue Curiosity on Samir and he mentioned in an interview from 2019 as the new face for a new decade.

 Photo: Gil-Gonzalez Alain / ABACA
 Photo: Gil-Gonzalez Alain / ABACA

International Model: Samir Ali is currently working in big fashion houses like Louis Vuitton and Lowe. Photo: Gil-Gonzalez Alain / ABACA / Stella Pictures

After leaving the homeless center and moving to a youth hostel, Samir now lives with his mother and ten-year-old sister in Brixton County, London.

– I follow my little sister to school every day, then I go for a walk with my mom. In the evening we relax watching movies.

In the midst of these regular family activities, Samir lives to be one of the best male models in the world.

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