Oslo Spectrum broilers sold out in three minutes

Oslo Spectrum broilers sold out in three minutes

Thus Simin Ok and Mikkel Christiansen remain among the most popular artist duo in the country.

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– What a crazy response! We could not have imagined in our wildest imagination the interest we have now seen with the Starter Tour. The spectrum was sold out in a few minutes…, says the duo in a recorded commentary.

Tickets for the Oslo Spectrum concert on March 1, 2024 – 9,000 in total – were released on Thursday morning. At exactly the same time, tickets have also been released from organizer Live Nation for a larger concert, Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, in Bergen next summer.

He is, after all, a fellow who sells out his concerts at record speed every time he visits Norway.

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As VG wrote on Thursday, there was a typo that meant Springsteen fans were mistakenly taken to Broiler’s ticket page, leading to more people eagerly buying tickets to Broiler’s concert in March instead of Springsteen’s concert in July.

However, that shouldn’t be the reason why tickets for Broiler’s concert sold out in record time.

Live Nation’s Martin Nielsen told VG on Thursday that this only applies to six to eight people, and that they have already been compensated for wrongly purchased tickets.

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However, many of those lost the opportunity to purchase Springsteen tickets, and VG received a lot of comments Thursday from disappointed Springsteen fans who were linked to the Broiler tickets page and thus lost their place in the waitlist and the opportunity to purchase Springsteen tickets through the exclusive pre-sale.

This will still be a second chance on Monday morning when regular ticket sales open.

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Broiler uses the record sales to say “a thousand thanks to the fans new and old who grew up with The Beginning and kept the crazy songs alive since 2011.”

– Now we’re really looking forward to planning the wildest show we’ve ever done, see you at Spektrum!


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