Over a billion kroner – VG

Over a billion kroner - VG

According to Forbes magazine, Cristiano Ronaldo (36) earns more than Lionel Messi (34).


Ronaldo, the Manchester United player, tops the list of the highest paid players in the world. He sent his rival, the Argentine superstar, to second place. And it was the club changes that should have propelled Ronaldo to the top of the income bracket.

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While Lionel Messi bid farewell to Barcelona in tears And shocked the world of football When he went to the French capital, Ronaldo returned his “homeland” from Juventus to Manchester United and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Messi tried to charm the French when he arrived in Paris in August:

American Financial Journal Forbes Each year makes the top ten list of soccer players most exposed to gas.

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Ronaldo follows the fans on social media. He scored one goal when Manchester United beat Newcastle 2-1 on Sunday. Here’s a fan thank you this week:

According to Forbes, Ronaldo’s income will be $125 million (1.08 billion kroner) a year after switching from Juventus to Manchester United. He holds the leading position even though he agreed to a significant wage cut before England’s return. 44 percent of the amount constitutes income other than the player’s salary.

Cristiano Ronaldo handed after his return to Manchester United:

Messi is more in salary

Messi is listed with a higher salary, but Messi’s sponsorship payments are lower than Ronaldo’s. In total, Forbes believes that he now has an annual income of $110 million (953 million kroner).

The Argentine would still be at the top of the table if he could continue to play at Barcelona and get as much as he could before. The Spanish big club is no longer able to keep Messi for financial reasons. In August, he became a player for Paris Saint-Germain for the following two seasons.

Top three to ten highest paid footballers (in NOK):

3. Neymar is the third highest paid footballer in the world. The Brazilian Paris Saint-Germain star is listed to have earned $95 million a year. This is equivalent to 823 million Norwegian kroner.

4- Kylian Mbappe, Paris Saint-Germain (373 million)

5- Mohamed Salah, Liverpool (355 million)

Fat economy: Mohamed Salah scores steadily. Here are the chants for goals and the victory over Crystal Palace on September 18th.

6. Robert Lewandowski, Bayern Munich (303 million)

Andreas Iniesta, Vissel Kobe (303 million)

8. Paul Pogba, Manchester United (295 million)

9. Gareth Bale, Real Madrid (277 million)

10. Eden Hazard, Real Madrid (251 million).

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