Palestine, Israel | The TV reporter received a brutal message live on air

Palestine, Israel |  The TV reporter received a brutal message live on air

Journalist and bureau chief of Al Jazeera in Gaza City, Wael Al-Dahdouh, is a familiar face in the Gaza Strip. In recent weeks, he has been speaking about the suffering unfolding in his hometown.

The Arab Media House confirms Wednesday Al Jazeera Al-Dahdouh lost his immediate family in an attack that occurred in central Gaza on Wednesday. He himself was live when he received the message.

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He was transferred to a refugee camp

His wife and children, including a seven-year-old girl, were killed in the attack. Many family members are still missing.

Shortly after, Al Jazeera published pictures of Al-Dahdouh entering the hospital to see his deceased family.

– What happened is clear. This is a series of attacks targeting children, women and civilians. I have just reported from Yarmouk about such an attack, and Israeli attacks have targeted many areas, including Nuseirat, a shaken Dahdouh tells the channel.

He added that this is the “safe” place that the occupation army talked about.

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The family originally resided in Gaza City, but all of its members, except Al-Dahdouh, moved to Nuseirat after Israel declared war as a result of a Hamas attack on October 7. There they lived in a refugee camp to be with the rest of the family. Al-Dahdouh remained at work.

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Israel has not confirmed that it was behind the attack that allegedly killed the Dahdouh family.

Condemns the attack

– He was shocked, says Al Jazeera correspondent Tariq Abu Azoum about his colleague after receiving the terrible message.

Pictures from the hospital show a crying husband and father.

– It is heartbreaking to report on the Dahdouh family and see how broken he is. He did not leave Gaza City. He remained there despite all the threats and warnings. He did not stop working for 19 days. “I have to be here in Gaza City reporting on these people who are being bombed every day,” says his colleague Youmna Al-Sayed.

Several people spoke to Al Jazeera after the incident that occurred on Wednesday.

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Journalist Safwat Al-Kahlot has been working with Al-Dahdouh for more than 20 years. He says that the Dahdouh family was one of the most famous families in the Gaza Strip.

– Now is the moment when Al-Dahdouh needs everyone around him. But unfortunately, reaching him and staying with him in these difficult times is very dangerous.

Al Jazeera also said in an official statement that it condemns the attack that claimed the lives of the Dahdouh family.

Al Jazeera expresses its sincere condolences to colleague Wael Al-Dahdouh on the loss of his family. They wrote that the indiscriminate attack launched by the Israeli occupation forces led to the tragic loss of his wife and child, while the rest of his family members were buried under the rubble.

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