Parents pay attention to these details

Parents pay attention to these details

The design of the school jacket has angered parents in Melbourne. This was reported, among others, by The Australian newspaper the age.

Cheltenham High School has students in the 13-18 age group and has recently added a new outer jacket to their range of clothing.

The bubble jacket features an Aboriginal flag on the right shoulder and a rainbow flag on the left. Aborigines are the indigenous people of Australia.

In addition, the cover has the words “Respect,” “Responsibility,” “Personal Record,” and “Community” embroidered across the right chest.

– pose of kindness

The new design has caused many parents to see red.

– This is being nice in school. I don’t think it’s appropriate. It’s a school, says one of the school moms – let the kids be kids.

– frustrated and angry

The person chose not to be identified in order to protect his son in the debate.

Mora goes on to say she’s disappointed that the parents weren’t given the chance to express their opinions on the design before the jacket became available.

Jill McCardy, president of Parents’ Organization Victoria, says the school board is committed to consulting with the school district to change school uniforms.

She believes parents who are now dissatisfied should get involved at an early stage.

Use the wrong pronoun - lose the job

Use the wrong pronoun – lose the job

– The most important message in this case is inclusion, she said.

according to Sky News The new jackets were also shown on the local radio channel 3AW.

– gross

Here, a mother named Penny expresses her displeasure with what she believes are political messages used in a school context.

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– I think it’s disgusting that they put these flags on uniforms. She says this is not true.

According to Sky News, many parents reacted negatively on social media.

Education Secretary Natalie Hutchins told The Age that the jacket had been approved by the School Board of the school in question, which is a board made up of representatives of pupils, parents and school staff.

Talk about fish - viewers are outraged

Talk about fish – viewers are outraged

Meanwhile, she states that the jacket is not an obligatory part of the uniform, but an alternative to the clothing that is already in place.

– What should be on the school uniform is entirely up to the school board, she says.

I got a positive response

The school has yet to comment on the same, but earlier this year they stated that the design was created after both pupils and teachers provided positive feedback in last year’s survey:

They also specifically write that the bubble jacket is not a replacement for the original outer shell.

– The bubble jacket is offered as an additional garment / alternate dress and does not replace the softshell jacket, which is still part of the school uniform, the school wrote on Facebook earlier this year.


The new jackets have been praised by Australian LGBT+ organisations.

– It shouldn’t be necessary to use flags to remind people that they are loved and appreciated for who they are, but the response to this jacket shows yet again that these symbols of inclusion are more important than ever, says Ghassan Kassisieh of Equality Australia.

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Pregnant man makes a fuss

Pregnant man makes a fuss

He adds that if you don’t like the jacket, you don’t have to wear it either.

The state’s Aboriginal interest organisation, the Victorian Aboriginal Education Society, also appreciates the school’s use of their flag.

At the same time, the general director of the organization, Lionel Bumblet, emphasized that it is important that children feel comfortable holding the flag, and that they know what it represents.

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