Lil Nas X in Oslo

Lil Nas X in Oslo

American artist Montero Lamar Hill, better known as Lil Nas X, took to Instagram on Monday evening to share a slightly special update with his twelve million followers.

In the app’s story function, he posted several pictures of himself in a subway and added the following message:

– On his way to a Norwegian prison.

Smiler: Superstar roams the subway. Photo: Lil Nas/Instagram
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At the same time, Oslo police announced on Twitter that they had stopped four people in the castle tunnel. Police can’t confirm that they detained the American artist, but they can say they detained four Americans.

– There were four Americans who got lost in the tunnel. Operations manager Vidar Pedersen tells Talkblade that they could have entered Hartnesida and driven the scooter well into the tunnel.

The police were called and checked the cameras in the tunnel and reportedly saw four gig cyclists.

– At some point they also crossed the road and realized it wasn’t such a good idea. They tried to leave but could not. We sent two police patrols and took them out and into a cave in the harbor, says Pedersen.

The operations manager says the four Americans were demoted and he doesn’t think there’s any written follow-up.

– We took it in the organized section at that place. They lie flat and out of the tunnel.

The American superstar will perform at the Schlossfjell festival in Dansberg on Wednesday evening. There will be more horses on the “Old Town Road” and fewer scooters in the tunnels.

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