Per-Willy Amundsen may opt out of starting – Viji

Per-Willy Amundsen may opt out of starting - Viji

Horstad / Hamnwick / Engines / Prostatpat (VG) troms have a choice thriller. Top politicians Torkir Knock Filekessness (SV) and Per-Willy Amundsen (FRP) are fighting for the mandate of the organization. The loser will end up out of starting.


In Troms, the Labor Party, the Socialist People’s Party and the Green Party are fighting for Sporting’s last seats. If the recent VG poll had been the election result in Troms, FRP profile and former Justice Minister Per-Willy Amundsen would have lost his place in Sorting.

VG met former FRP voters in Troms, explaining why they now do not know whether to vote for the party:

– I have always voted for the FRP and the Conservatives, but I think this year is the central party because of the district policy, says Captain Arvid Chaz from Gradangan.

Arvid Chaz and Bernt Simon Draxeth are both concerned about the conditions for the aquaculture industry, transportation and district policy. Both previously voted for Frp, but Sauge will vote for Sp this year, while Dragseth is uncertain.

It shows the measurement:

  • The Labor Party, the Socialist People’s Party and the Green Party are vying for the last two direct mandates Very equal.
  • There is frp The biggest The change from 18.2 percent to 10.6 percent in the 2017 election results.
  • Torgeir Knag Fylkesnes, vice president of the SV, came to Troms for a two-term equalizer. But in this poll, the party gets one Direct order – Frp and Aps are fine before the second command.
  • MDG and red are both very close dobler Their support, and get 5.3 and 5.2 percent in the survey, respectively.
  • OK Fall 16.5 per cent, but retains an order of its own.
  • The Labor Party is located Standard With the first election results in 2017, it did not retain two seats in this poll.
  • Democrats Measured at 3.7 percent support.

Democrats are kicking Frp’s legs

Johann Gearshen pointed out to VG on the poll website that the Democrats’ support for the referendum would go to Frp and Per-Willy Amundsen.

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He says every seventh FRP voter since 2017 has voted for Democrats. At such a small margin, this leak to the Democrats would be the decisive factor in the FRP losing its mandate. With half a percentage point, Frp Aps will take command. So it is very close, and everyone is still fighting, he told Viji.

Fights for his political career

Per-Willy Amundsen draws the tiniest thread in this poll – and Viji would have lost his mandate for Sporting if the referendum had ended the election.

– Nothing promotes anything other than suffering. Some of us say this when Amundsen asks Viji for an end.

Amundsen, who was justice minister, believes he should never agree to sit in government with the FRP Liberal Party and the KRF, and that the party is now paying the price for the election.

He comments on the FRP leak to Democrats:

– Those who want to vote for them should think twice. They need to know that they are contributing to the SV starting rather than the frp, thus making sure the store is prime.

TOG-DUO: Torgeir Knag Fylkesnes and Per-Willy Amundsen together tried to feel the northern Norwegian fort. Now they are fighting each other for a place in Sorting for four new years.

– mobilizes

SV vice-president Torkir Knock Filekessnes says he is happy the party is “moving forward”.

– Now we are mobilizing on all fronts. If we have the opportunity to enter, we must be larger than Frp. I am confident we can do it.

Filekness spends a lot of time talking about the choice between him and Amundsen:

– I think it mobilizes our voters and sympathizers. SV and Frp have different seas.

Viji traveled through the South and Mid-Troms, from Hurstow to Hamnwick and Engens and Prostate, and spoke to voters about what was important to them in this fall election.

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From the FRP to the Central Party

Engines in the municipality of Ibestat has about 400 people, and it is a residential area with many jobs in aquaculture.

The roads here are very bad and you have to have a kidney belt when you travel here, says Captain Arvid Chaz (39) who serves the aquaculture industry in Engines, but travels from Gratangan.

Captain Arvid Chaz and sailor Bernd Simon Draxeth had previously voted for the FRP – but it is not certain whether they will both vote for the party this fall.

He says conditions for the aquaculture industry and transportation are important.

– I have always voted for the FRP and the Conservatives, but I think this year is the central party because of the district policy. Although Frp Roads is responsible for an amazing upgrade. However, when the Center wants to reduce urban parcels and improve roads in districts, I firmly believe he said he had never voted for the Center before.

And his colleague, sailor Bengat Simon Draxeth (33), had previously voted for Frp. Trochet did not know what he would vote for before this year’s election.

– I feel forgotten by Oslo, they do not see us here creating value. I need to discuss a little more with friends and colleagues before deciding what I vote for. I hear what Arvid has to say about SP, but I may still lean to the Frp page without deciding.

The only thing not closed in Brøstadbotn is the nature and speed boat call, alerting the displaced Brøstadbotn.

Brøstadbotn – «Big downgrade

Alexander Leibniz, 21, is at a local fitness center in Brøstadbotn, Dairy Municipality. Here he spends one to two hours every day except Sunday. He travels from Oslo to Prostate with his family and describes the scene change as follows:

– Going from Oslo to Brestport is a pretty “big drop”. I especially like being young and liking offers in Oslo. But I got a job here fitting a whiteboard at my family’s company and hope I can get a business certificate here. So I can go back to Oslo.

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Alexander Leibniz voted in the Sorting election for the first time. He looks forward to stepping down from Prostatphone.

Leibniz voted for the Conservative Party in the local elections and will now vote for the first time in the parliamentary elections.

– I have not yet decided what it is. But the most important issue for me is that there will be more privileges for young people and young people. He says we don’t have to go to Finnes or Troms to find something.

– Removal of cheap petrol and customs

With its four shopping centers, Horstad is probably Norway’s number one shopping mall per citizen.

Trent Danielson (54) and Ole Nilsson (63) are seated at a cafe table in the Ops Cafe in the center of Sjakanton.

Both have not decided what to vote for, but say transportation is important to them. Today’s politicians – on both sides of the political axis they are very frustrated.

Ole Nilsson (63) and Trent Danielson (54) at the Ops Cafe in Hurstad. They are hopeless for today’s politicians.

– What is important to you?

– Eliminate cheap petrol prices and customs, says Danielson.

– There are more holes than gravel in the gravel roads in the municipality here. The worst thing is driving in the spring. You should almost bring a drill and dynamite with you if you can make progress, Nilsson says.

When asked if they feared that customs at Hurstad would be more expensive, Danielson only smiled before he could answer:

– Fear not, we know it. Because they left three or four politicians, each in a roundabout with their own credit card. Suddenly they did it The most expensive roundabout in all of Norway, He says, and is targeting a roundabout in Harstad with a price tag of 100 million kroner.

Sailor Danielson concludes:

– Otherwise we’re fine.

– Children and youth

Janet Nielsen, 33, is the general manager of Vakre Weni, and says the growing conditions for children and youth will be very important to her in the election.

Janet Nielsen, 33, says children and young people will be important to her in this year’s election.

Dissatisfaction with road quality

Roy Norman is a foreman in Azovo, Ipostat. He thinks the road quality in the municipality is pathetic.

– I even have a car at home that needs tens of thousands of repairs. This is not a question of depreciation, but he says the car was damaged due to the road.

Roy Norman believes the only thing that is not centralized from the districts is taxation soon.

– In the countryside the car is not a luxury, but a necessary evil. There is no bus here every thirty minutes. The roads are so sour that the cars are so bad that they are destroyed.

Supervisor frustrated about district policy followed in Sorting:

– They close post offices, tax offices, police offices and government offices. Soon we only have the line, but they don’t want to decentralize it, he says.

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