Pilot scheme with personal check receipt – Politiet.no

Pilot scheme with personal check receipt - Politiet.no

The scheme must be pilot tested with receipt for nine months, 5th December 2022 – 3rd September 2023, and must be evaluated. Oslo Municipality, OMOD, Juristforbundet, Minotenk and other relevant actors are involved in the work.

For 2022, the Oslo Police District has been commissioned by the Ministry of Justice and Emergency Services to implement a pilot project with a scheme to receive:

In 2022, a pilot project with a test technique A solution to submit and issue confirmation for completed identity checks. the scale It should be seen in connection with other measures to increase confidence in the police and the police Personal control. The Oslo Municipality and other relevant organizations and actors must Engage in action. The pilot project should be evaluated “(Department of Justice and Emergency Services, 2022)”


Police must pay attention to the practice of personal checks and how citizens pass them. Personal checks must be registered and notarized in accordance with current regulations. In order to prevent checks from being considered unjustified or discriminatory, the police should, as far as possible, convey and explain the basis for the check. The police should investigate further and try to take various measures to prevent checks of people from being considered illegal or discriminatory.

– Over time, the police district has focused on improving how it interviews people and conducts personal checks, says Acting Police Chief Cecilie Lilas-Scare.

Several procedures were carried out in the police area and the officers underwent a training programme.

– A trial scheme with a receipt when checking identity is one of the measures that must be tested in order to increase public confidence, says the police chief. People checks are an important tool in police work. Although necessary and legal, it may be considered unfair to some of those being screened, she said.

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Who gets a receipt?

During the trial period, the subjects within a larger area were in central Oslo (see map ) Those who have been stopped and checked by the police are given a receipt. Acceptance of such a receipt is voluntary.

There are officials in the Central Unit, Department for Foreigners and officials in the Emergency Response Unit (UEH), who are included in the trial scheme.

What is personal control?

A personal check is the meetings of the police with the public in public places, which require authority in law, regulations or instructions.

The receipt in and of itself has no consequences for the person being examined.

The receipt will contain information including name, date of birth, time and location + authority for the check. Plus information about the administrator (service number) who performed the check.

Information about the check is recorded even if the individual chooses to receive a receipt or not.

The receipt also contains brief information about the scheme, as well as how the screened person should act to get more information about the screening, right of appeal, etc.

Here you will find information about the scheme from Monday 5th December 2022: www.politiet.no/kvitteringsordning

Encounters with cops who don’t give a receipt

  • Voluntary talks and other public meetings
  • Pre-planned traffic controls
  • Collective measures under the Police Act (eg expulsion in the case of assemblies)
  • Border security
  • In the event of an evacuation, for example a fire

Where should the receipt be printed?

During the trial period, receipts will be delivered in a larger and limited area in the center of Oslo:

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The scheme is carried out in the area between E6 to RV150, RV150 to RV4 and RV4 to Ring 2, from Ring 2 below Sognsveien, Thereses Gate and Pilestredet to RV162 and from RV162 to E6. (see map)

Map receipt template

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