Plane Shock: – Terrible

Plane Shock: – Terrible

During a Ryanair flight from Edinburgh to the Spanish tourist island and party destination Ibiza, it was said to have turned into a complete mess. Already on board, a group of about 70 passengers will decide to start the party and drink alcohol.

Several passengers were said to have brought bottles of vodka and a large portable megaphone, as video from the incident shows. Then apparently, as often happens at parties, it was loud.

This is what the British tabloid wrote daily Mail and scotch Daily log.

A couple who were passengers on the plane have lashed out at Ryanair after the crash. They believe that the airline should not be able to control passengers affected by alcohol.

– Hit the roof

The couple was looking forward to a quiet vacation when they got on board, but the start wasn’t uneventful after all.

– There was no control over the plane at all. It was awful from the moment we got on the plane. There were about 70 people who all came from the same area. They had a big black speaker at the loudest you can get, which lasted for three hours, the woman in the Daily Record claims.

They hit the ceiling, took off their shirts, and cracked the drink they bought at Tax Free. The only time Ryanair came close to them was to offer them more drinks. I didn’t even want to go to the toilet, because they were drunk and drunk.

The woman also says that when her husband had to go to the toilet, it was one of the drunk passengers who gave him his finger.

sensitive: The cabin crew found this in the food on the plane during a flight from Ankara to Dusseldorf. Video: Twitter. Images: NTB and screenshot. Correspondent: Magnus Paus / Dagbladet TV
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– a joke

The woman is said to have sent a complaint to Ryanair, but is said to have received a standard response that said the airline took no responsibility for the incident, according to herself. She refers to the company’s response as a “joke”.

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A Ryanair spokesperson told the Daily Record that they tried to calm passengers down.

– The crew made several announcements throughout the flight and refused to serve more than two alcoholic drinks per passenger, says the spokesperson.

The spokesperson adds that the situation calmed down before they landed in Ibiza.

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