Poland at the heart of the global debate – Krynica Forum 2023 begins – Inwestycje.pl

Poland at the heart of the global debate – Krynica Forum 2023 begins – Inwestycje.pl

Krynica Forum 2023, a prestigious meeting organized in cooperation with Malopolska Voivodeship, attracts leaders of public opinion, global politics, business, science and culture to create a space for dialogue on important global and regional issues – both in understanding the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The local community and the challenges it faces.

Honorary protection of the President of the Republic of Poland

The President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda, took the honorary sponsorship of the Krynica Forum 2023, confirming the importance of the topics discussed in the program tracks. The President’s patronage attaches special importance to this event, which constitutes an excellent opportunity to discuss the most important economic, social and political issues. It is also a space to discuss the challenges facing Central and Eastern Europe and those that directly affect our country.

Guests of honor

The prestigious nature of the Krynica Forum 2023 and the presence of many foreign guests attract the attention of Europe and the world. Guests of honor included President of Lithuania Gitanas Nausěda, Prime Minister of Korea Han Dak-soo and former President of Slovenia Borut Pahor.

Polish Korean Forum

On the second day of the Krynica Forum 2023, the Korea-Polish Forum will be held, which was officially opened by President Duda. This is a unique opportunity to offer wide-ranging and dynamic cooperation between Poland and Korea. The program includes talks on armament and modernization of the army, with an emphasis on the strategic nature of cooperation and investment in the energy sector, with an emphasis on nuclear energy. The most important events with the participation of Prime Minister Han Dak-soo and a delegation of more than a hundred people from Seoul are scheduled to be held on September 14.

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The Future of NATO – Discussions about the alliance and its impact on Europe

During the session “The Future of NATO – Mapping the Challenges”, scheduled for 14 September at 16.00, participants will discuss the future of NATO. Participating in the conference are Thomas Szatkowski, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to NATO, Muriel Dominique, Ambassador of France, Petr Bator, Ambassador of Slovakia, and Øystein Boe, who will soon assume the position of Ambassador of Norway. discussion. The committee will be chaired by Dr. Slawomir Debski, Director of the Polish Institute of International Affairs. Participants will discuss the impact of the decisions of the NATO summit in Vilnius, the issue of Ukraine’s path to NATO and the topics that will be discussed during next year’s summit in Washington.

Poland and the conflict in Ukraine – challenges and a new security strategy

Lieutenant General Wieslaw Kokola, Supreme Commander of the Polish Armed Forces, will be a special guest at the panel discussion “Poland and the War in Ukraine.” Challenges, Prospects and the New Security Strategy”, scheduled for September 14 at 10:00 p.m. – 11 a.m. Focus on analyzing the impact of the conflict in Ukraine on Polish security. Participants, including Dr. Mihail Marek, Dr. Grzegorz Osicek, and Kamil Baczycki, will talk about strategies Strengthening Poland’s security.

Financial security in the new geopolitical reality

On September 14 at 11:00 there will be a panel discussion entitled “Financial Security in the New Geopolitical Reality – Determinants, Opportunities and Challenges” under the auspices of Bicau Bank SA. The discussion will be attended by prominent representatives of the financial sector, including Leszek Skiba, President of Pekao Bank SA, Marek Dietl, President of the Warsaw Stock Exchange and Professor Stanisław Mazur, Dean of the University of Economics in Kraków. Questions related to financial security in a changing world will be discussed.

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The impact of the war in Ukraine on the Polish security environment

Members of the Security and Defense Council of the President of the Republic of Poland will meet during the session “The war in Ukraine as a catalyst for changes in the security environment of the Republic of Poland” scheduled for September 14 at 17.00. Among them is Dr. Habb. Przemyslaw Sorawski, Phil Grajewski, Professor Andrzej Zybertowicz, Isabella Albrecht and General Roman Bulko will discuss changes in Poland’s security strategy after the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Deans of universities in Little Poland

Six deans of universities in Lesser Poland and Podkarpacie will participate in the Krynica Forum 2023, representing their institutions in panel discussions on the topics of economics and infrastructure. The University of Economics in Krakow, AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow Agricultural University, Krakow University of Technology, Rzeszow University of Technology, as well as Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu – National Louis University in Nowy Sachs, will be represented at the Krynica Forum 2023. at the highest level.

About Krynica Forum

The Krynica Forum is an event that brings together business, politics and academia, which takes place on 13-15 September 2023 in Krynica-Zdrój. It is a platform for the open exchange of ideas and discussions on the most important social and economic issues and building relationships at the highest level. The aim of the project is to strengthen the security, social cohesion and economic situation of Poland and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Krynica Forum 2023 is not only a prestigious event, but also a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and collaborate to build a better future. The organizers cordially invite you to participate in this important discussion about the future of Europe and the world.

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More information about the event on the official website: https://krynicaforum.pl/program2

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