June 10, 2023


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Police in Texas: A woman was killed by her boyfriend after she had an abortion

Abortion demonstration: People in Amarillo, Texas demonstrate against the state’s strict abortion laws in February of this year.

On Wednesday of this week, 26-year-old Gabriela Gonzalez was murdered in a parking lot in Dallas, Texas.


The woman is said to have returned from a trip to Colorado the night before. She reportedly traveled there to have an abortion, the AP news agency writes.

The background of Gonzalez’s travel to another state to have an abortion is the recent strong tightening of abortion laws in several places in the United States:

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The police charged her 22-year-old boyfriend with murder.

– We have reason to believe that the suspect was the father of the child. The charge stated that the suspect did not want her to have an abortion.

The police secured a video recording of the incident.


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