Price gouging: Road freight will be more expensive now

Price gouging: Road freight will be more expensive now

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(Elbil24): Mir and Circle K are raising charging rates effective Sept. 1 as a result of higher electricity prices. Consumers who own electric cars will notice this in their wallets.

Charging with regular chargers increases by 75 percent for registered customers and by 70 percent for Mir review customers, while charging with light chargers increases by up to 25 percent, he writes. E24.

Like filling with petrol and diesel

– It’s a massive increase. This means express charging and express charging will be comparable to petrol and diesel at a price of around NOK 23, Nils Sødal communications consultant tells the newspaper.

Prices are also on the rise in Circle K. The price increase is a result of higher electricity prices.

Usually, prices are increased annually, but this is expected to happen more frequently in the future in order to keep up with prices in the market.

Expensive electricity means charging cost

Eveni also warns that they will consider raising prices in the future.

– Now we lose money when someone accuses us. Then it’s hard to do business, says Eviny’s head of auto shipping, Odd Olaf Askeland, to E24.

Most people realize that when electricity is more expensive, shipping companies also have to change rates, he says.

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