House collapses in Trøndelag – two people evacuate – VG

House collapses in Trøndelag - two people evacuate - VG

A house in Valsøyfjord in Heim municipality in Trøndelag was caught in a landslide on Friday evening. Two people left. One is still trapped.

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Case updated!

– Half the house must have been removed from the landslide. The area is still tense. Four people are believed to be living in the home, although that could not be confirmed, Roger Gerswick, duty manager at 110 Center Mid Norge, told VG.

Police first reported the incident at 19:33.

– It’s a little unclear how much the house was taken, but there was a landslide that took away parts of the house, says Bjorner Kasvik, operations manager at the police.

– One is still trapped. Efforts are being made to bring everyone at the scene under control. Two people left on their own. We don’t know how big it will be and if more people will have to be evicted from this hamlet.

The damage to those who came out was not known.

VG says the main rescue center in Sør-Trøndelag has sent a rescue helicopter.

The E39 was closed on the spot after the landslide, Vegtrafiksentralen writes on Twitter.

The municipality of Heim is located southwest of Trøndelag, on the border between Mør and Rømsdal.

— A solid species

Viji spoke to someone who was present at the scene of the accident. He passed the crash site on Friday evening on his way home to Kristiansund.

The man tells Viji that half the house was washed away in the landslide.

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– The rest are gone. A garage also appears to have been taken by the landslide, he says.

Man estimates that the landslide is about 300 meters long and 50-100 meters wide.

– Looks like a landslide. The landslide has gone almost entirely into the sea. Many trees are also broken.

The man says three helicopters are currently on the scene. One rescue helicopter and two ambulance helicopters.

The neighbor tells VG that the fire department borrowed equipment from him for the rescue mission.

– I see a heavy landslide from the new section of the E39, which took out a residential building on the way down towards the old E39, a neighbor tells VG.

– As the landslide is still moving, the fire will do nothing but drive them out, all credit to them. Really good job. They came here precisely to borrow a chainsaw and gasoline to continue their work.

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