Pride, School | Pride, a subject that clearly has no room for criticism

Pride, School |  Pride, a subject that clearly has no room for criticism

post discussion Expresses the opinion of the writer.

Parents who criticize Pride are seen as a threat, and this group is accused of being representative to extremist forces In the community. They are also said to create dissension among children. Some teachers are harsh with parents who interact.

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Engage in a meaningful and factual discussion to try to understand the arguments behind the criticism, among other things teachers And parents, they don’t seem to care.

Not even with politicians.

Politicians in Oslo were so concerned that parents demanded the pride be excused on the eve of the school year.

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Recently, A.J call Of all the politicians in the Education Committee. They distance themselves from incitement and threats against kindergarten and school workers, which I also support. The disagreement shall not lead to the use of such measures.

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The plea states, among other things, that teaching about curricula on sexuality and sexual diversity must be safe (two concepts that are not actually mentioned in the curriculum itself).

The free leader, Inge-Alexander Gestfang, is very satisfied with the turnout and will attend to it statement Which reveals that it is not only about suppressing incitement and intimidation, but also the fact that there should be no room for skeptics who criticize the content of a school’s education:

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“We should put aside the debate about whether children are confused by talking about gender diversity and identity right away. It is not science that confuses but the lack of it!

Not surprisingly so freewho are in fact given the power to define gender and sexuality in schools, through the competency goals with which they have fought in the curriculum, are trying to stifle the debate before it begins.

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Competency goals are relatively broad and open to interpretation, and in recent textbooks you can see that there are clear guidelines on how, for example, sex should be understood and presented to children.

Portions of the content go beyond what the curriculum requires students to learn.

It may sound reassuring when the headmaster of the Oslo School, Marte Gerhardsen, said, He expresses that the training to be given by schools regarding Pride is being adapted to different students. I have previously expressed concern about the new View textbooks of gender and gender identitywhich is an important part of the subject of pride.

I cannot agree that not all content is appropriate nor age appropriate.

Parts of textbook content on gender and identity are also strongly marked by a lack of critical thinking and even open up a serious topic. Gender confirmation treatmentAnd already at the children’s level.

Last year, when there was also a discussion about school pride, the head of the Oslo Education Association, Therese Thins Fgerhough, came up with the following message:

“It is a fact that today you have the opportunity to change your gender. The school should teach students about that. It is possible to teach why one can change one’s gender, and why all gender identities should be equal in our society.”

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I do not know how many Wagerhaug or politicians, who are now expressing the importance of this kind of teaching, have themselves studied and evaluated textbooks on this subject?

As a teacher, I miss thinking critically about what children should actually be studying, and I demand a guarantee of the quality of textbooks, which many consider to be lacking in nuance.

The teacher is not required to use textbooks for proficiency goals and other parts of the curriculum, but it is clear that many use them in their teaching.

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I’m afraid we don’t have politicians who dare address this before it’s too late

The reaction of parents and teachers to the content of the training is not an expression of hatred, but a responsibility towards their children and pupils.

Politicians should meet parents in a respectful manner, and take the time to listen.

Meeting parents with pressure and coercion, without space for discussion or exchange of opinions, is not in line with the way school practice should be conducted.

According to the general part of the curriculum Training should take place in cooperation and understanding with the house:

“The school has the overall responsibility to take the lead and facilitate collaboration. This includes ensuring that parents and guardians have the necessary information, and that they are given the opportunity to influence the daily school life of their children.”

It is alarming that politicians instead seem to limit the influence of parents on the daily school life of children, through the use of rhetoric that does not open up a diversity of opinions regarding the brand of pride and the training associated with this subject in school.

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Using the argument that everything is “in line” with the curriculum is untenable in my opinion.

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