Prince William and Duchess Kate:

Prince William and Duchess Kate:

As it is royal A number of rules and etiquette to follow. However, it happens on a regular basis too Members of the royal family break this down.

Now Britain’s Prince William, 39, and Duchess Kate, 40, are making international headlines after doing something that should not be very popular with Britain’s monarch, Queen Elizabeth (96).


There are few who have been photographed in a year as much as they become royals, but so-called selfies with royal fans are not seen every day.

Many Fans: William and Kate meet many fans during the year.  Some also managed to secure a selfie with the couple.  Photo: Andrew Milligan / Pa Photos / NTB

Many Fans: William and Kate meet many fans during the year. Some also managed to secure a selfie with the couple. Photo: Andrew Milligan / Pa Photos / NTB
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That’s why so many are now closing their eyes just as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did.

Kate and William visited Glasgow this week where a number of fans attended hoping to catch a glimpse of the royal couple. However, one lucky woman got more.

In recent days, a picture of William and Kate taking a selfie with a woman has spread. my worldAnd pass, Welcome And Swedish women’s magazine She is among the sites that have written that the duke’s couple violated royal protocol.

packages: Duchess Kate and Prince William have been thrilled with their visit so far, and Kate is looking forward to a day filled with more outdoor activities. Video: Ken Walsh / Reporter: Henriette Ellertsen
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Turns his back on the royal family

In the current photo, both the royal family are shown with the woman, and as Prince William grabs her by the shoulder and bends down, the Duchess is also smiling for the camera.

According to Cosmopolitan, the Queen shouldn’t be particularly fond of this type of image. Previously, Greg Agnew, who according to from the inside He visited a garden party at Buckingham Palace in 2017, and told us it was disrespectful to ask for selfies.

– The one thing they (Royal Family Magazine) talked about a lot about was the “lack of selfies”. The reason is that they don’t want people to turn their backs on the royal family and the queen. Agnew told Insider at the time that it was very important to them.

For her part, royal commentator Victoria Arbiter told Insider that the royals are doing what seems right on time.

Humbit: Sweden’s Crown Prince Victoria and Prince Daniel are hosting the visit of the Norwegian Crown Prince and Crown Prince to Stockholm. The first day of the visit gets off to a rather bumpy start. Video: Caroline Vagle / Look and Hear
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send a message

Watch and listen to House Royalty expert Caroline Vagle explain that there is a lot of custom for how to act if you meet with members of the royal family.

For example, no one should extend their hand to greet before doing so, nor should they ask for an autograph. A selfie is the signature of our time, and many royal houses have also stated that no one should ask for it, she says.

When the royal couple were in Råde in 2016, it was reported that they were allowed to take pictures of themselves, but not take selfies, Vagle says.

– And in the UK, Duchess Meghan stated that she is not allowed to take such photos. This is probably largely for security reasons.

Caught on camera: This comment from Queen Elizabeth sparked a lot of interest. Photo: PA Media. Reporter: Jostein Sletten / Dagbladet TV
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Lined up the crown

According to a royal house expert, it’s becoming more and more common and she often sees many members of the royal family appearing for selfies.

– In Norway, the Crown Prince and the Crown Prince make a big smile if asked. During a visit to Svalbard recently, I noticed a young girl yelling at Crown Prince Haakon as he was walking down the street and receiving a briefing from visiting Svalbard. She wanted a selfie, and he paused, joined the photo, and chatted for a bit. The memory of the girl’s life, she says, adding:

Meetings with people is an important part of their job, and it seems that selfies should pretty much become a natural part of this. Especially for the “younger guard” in the neighboring royal houses.

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