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Espen Rostrup Nakstad, assisterende helsedirektør

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Despite the skyrocketing infection rates worldwide. The mild morbidity of the Omigron variant offers reason for optimism, says Espen Naxstad, assistant director of health:

– Probably a way out of the Omigron infection. Now that we have both good access to vaccines in more countries and a less dangerous virus variant that can spread easily, Naxstad says this contributes to the rapid development of immunity. N.R.K..

The Omigron type was discovered in Norway on December 1 last year.

As of January 3 this year, the FHI stated that more than 70 percent of the infections listed in Norway are due to variation. In other words, variation dominates.

Among other things, scientific studies in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Denmark show that Omigron gives a milder course of the disease, and shows some worse illnesses and deaths.

Indicates a mild course of the disease

At Christmas time in space, there were statistics that showed a decrease in epidemics in South Africa, Where the variant was first discovered.

At the same time, there is uncertainty about how dangerous variation is to us. Nakstad insists that in theory higher infection rates will lead to higher hospitalization.

He says the combination will double or triple the infection and increase accordingly. The next few months will be needed in Norway and around the world.

– High epidemic makes it harsh winter in Europe, no doubt January will be the hardest month, says Nuxstad:

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– But since many people are infected and vaccinated with a refreshing dose, we can get out of this winter with better immunity and it will help us get out of the infection.

More than 5000 new cases in Norway

In the last 24 hours, more than 5,000 new cases have been reported in Norway. Thus, the total number of cases is more than 400,000.

FHI statistics show that more than 80,000 infections occur in people between the ages of 10 and 19.

Oslo accounts for a quarter of all infections. In the last 24 hours, 1,033 new corona infections have been reported in the capital, bringing the total to 100,660, according to municipal figures.

Appropriate measures The government introduced it in December Will be re-evaluated in mid-January.

– I do not believe that in 14 days or rarely it will return to normal in our daily lives without infection control procedures. But it is not certain that the measures will be the same. It is important that we continue to consider whether they are effective, says Nuxstad.

Globally, last week reached a nasty milestone. At that time, more than 10 million affected people in the world were registered Bloomberg.

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