Promises to delete information about 136 million users

Promises to delete information about 136 million users

Google has agreed to delete web information collected about 136 million Chrome users in a proposed settlement.

The issue is not yet hero I finish

The issue still concerns Google's Chrome browser's incognito mode feature, as the company lost the privacy status we reported on last December:

“According to the charges, Google must have collected information about what people browse, including what is mentioned with active private mode. According to the lawsuit, Google collects information from, among other things, Google Analytics, Google Ads Manager, and a number of services.” And other browser extensions. Mobile apps are also included. All of this to learn about users' shopping habits and “most intimate and potentially embarrassing things,” according to the lawsuit filed in the summer of 2020.

Added to this is a fine of 53 billion Norwegian kroner

Agree to delete “technical data”

The settlement proposal, which must ultimately be approved by a judge, stipulates that Google be transparent about the information it collects in “incognito” mode and limit data collection.

Google disagrees on the issue and says it does not “associate data with users when they use incognito mode,” but they have nothing against deleting what they refer to as “technical data”: “We are happy to delete old technical data that has never been associated with a person and has never been Never use it for any kind of customization, says Google spokesman Jose Castaneda.

“The settlement ensures true accountability and transparency from the world’s largest data aggregator and represents an important step toward improving and preserving our right to online privacy,” was the plaintiffs’ message in the proposed settlement.

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