Elkjøp refused to customer ‘price match’ on the same iPhone

Elkjøp refused to customer ‘price match’ on the same iPhone

Now they are lying down.

Imagine you come home with a new iPhone from Elkjøp for 7,890 kroner.

But even before you take it out of the box, you find out that you can get it for 400kr cheaper at NetOnNet.

Quite annoying, but what happened to a Tek reader we talked to recently.

To solve the problem, he first turned to Elkjøp, to take advantage of a “price matching” service where they promise to match the price of competitors, as long as it’s the same product.

But the surprise was great when he was told that the iPhone 13 Mini had bought it from Elkjøp It wasn’t the same which was sold on NetOnNet.

The difference according to the cup? A number in the product code.

– EAN number («Barcode» Editor’s Note) Different. Customer guide books begin with the number 0.

And rightly so. Elkjøp sells the iPhone Minien with a different barcode than competitors:

  • «0194252690710» in Elkjøp
  • «194252690710» on NetOnNet and other competitors

However, there are still two problems:

Products He is like klin.

Additionally, it wasn’t Elkjøp’s barcode that appeared on a customer’s iPhone box, but the one that competitors show in their stores, without the “0” on top.

Faced with these arguments, an Elkjøp customer service representative chose to leave the conversation online after a customer asked to raise the issue with a store.

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Faced with a number of questions from us about price matching, barcodes, and customer service, our humble communications manager answers:

– We apologize for misleading information for our client here, reports Madeline Schoen Bergley at Elkjøp, and explains:

– Our product numbers must be 13 characters long to function in our system. This is why we have 0 in front of us. In other words, our EAN code and NetOnNet are identical.

Schoen Birgley acknowledges that not enough good information has been provided about this internally at Elkjøp.

When asked if the company wanted to take action, change the system, or inform customers of the special use of EAN codes, it answered the following:

Of course, we will always work to improve the systems and our efficiency. However, we don’t feel like this was a challenge before, but we’re glad you’ve brought this up now so we can reinforce the information internally. In light of this case, we will discuss how to report the use of EAN tokens and whether they will provide value to our customers.

We wonder if it’s okay for a customer service representative to end an ongoing chat conversation with an invitation to go to an actual Elkjøp store for help, and then ignore a number of questions from the customer.

After providing portions of the conversation, the communications director responded that she understands the customer was frustrated with the communication, and apologizes.

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She points out that customers should get their questions answered whether they come to the store or call the customer center.

Schoen Bergley will now contact the customer to correct the impression after the accident.

Price matching is a difficult market plan. With the scheme, Elkjøp can price match competitors who are selling the same item cheaper if it is not a promotional item and is available.

But, match the price you have to claim at the time of purchase.

Since Elkjøp also has another scheme, a 50-day “open purchase” where you can practically test the product and then return it again, we wondered if you could return the products and then buy them again to start price matching. And if this is the best way for customers to make sure they aren’t paying too much in cups?

The Communications Manager responds to the following:

Price matching is a good thing we have chosen to offer so that you can always buy the desired product at the lowest price in the market. In the same way as in other customer benefits, we have prepared conditions that must be met. However, we will always endeavor and assist our customers in every situation, which is something we could have been better at in that case and exercise discretion.

– Price matching is applied at the time of purchase due to fluctuations in cost and availability of electronic devices.

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