– Provides more space for better operation

– Provides more space for better operation

Law firm Sulland, which specializes in criminal, immigration and child protection law, has published its annual accounts for 2023. While annual turnover and profits fell in 2022, last year was much better for lawyers at Suland.

– We have a great team of talented people who bring the load together, says General Manager Henriette Wilkes to AdvokatWatch.

She adds: – Last year's calculations show that “our world” is unpredictable, but the result for 2023 makes us better equipped and gives us more space for better operations, including new hires.

According to annual accounts, other operating costs rose from NOK 5.6 million to NOK 7.2 million. Total costs amounted to NOK 23.2 million, compared to NOK 20.1 million in the previous year.

Four million Norwegian kroner was transferred to the internal company and distributed to shareholders.

Last year, Soland also opened a new office outside the capital, specifically Fredrikstad.

-We have completed our first financial year in our Fredrikstad office. It is very interesting to see that the numbers are positive; “We have a great deal on our plate and the Eastfoldings have welcomed us very well,” says Wilkes.

Johannes Bakevig heads the corporate office at Blanquipein. According to Willix, they are now looking for a new supplier for the office, to be able to meet demand and develop this part of the company further. Three new employees are also scheduled to be appointed to the Oslo office.

Otherwise, the Bar's ongoing work to boost the legal aid rate is something that keeps Wilkes and her colleagues busy.

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-We support this wholeheartedly. If we want to continue to provide competent, committed and accessible legal aid to vulnerable groups, politicians must take action to raise the rate now. Either until the Salærrådet level is reached, either now or through a concrete escalation plan. She believes it is a shame for the rule of law that there is no will to do so.

– Our company is vulnerable in terms of the part of the industry in which we operate, as large parts of our business rely on the unregulated legal aid rate. It indicates that the requirements for legal practice are increasing, along with the costs.

Wilkes goes on to say that Soland is also actively involved in topics that impact what they work with.

We contribute and do a lot of legal policy work, and we encourage others to do the same. For our part, 2024 has also been colored by our commitment to the ongoing atrocities against Palestinians, by participating in and supporting various initiatives, conferences and events that raise this issue, she says, and at the same time bring a little push. One of the biggest players in the industry.

– I point out that large commercial law firms seem silent on the war, and they should use their vast resources and business influence to be visible contributors and voices in the conflict. Surprisingly, much of it was visible when Russia started the war against Ukraine, whereas now it is fairly silent, she says.

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