Purple milk and licorice in yogurt. Now there are new items on the shelves. – E24

Purple milk and licorice in yogurt.  Now there are new items on the shelves.  – E24

The yellow ketchup and milk and orange juice mixture were not successful at all. Three times a year, food producers experiment with new products.


Purple milk, mint-flavored dome or licorice pretzels, vegan Philadelphia cheese, tropical granola or Greek frozen yogurt.

There are only a few new items that will find their way to shelves on February 1st.

This has been a special day for grocery stores for 30 years. Primarily because, until this year, they used the day to set prices.

Now the Norwegian Competition Authority believes that this method of setting prices does not appear to be in the interests of consumers. Rima announced early this fall that she would stop doing so, and others appear to be following suit.

Scroll through the gallery to see some of the products we can expect on store shelves:

But launching new products, it holds up.

– Yes, we will get the purple milk. It's regular milk, but it contains BB-12 lactic acid bacteria, says Christine Asheim, president of Q-Meierien.

She says that with the new dairy products they can challenge more than they had the opportunity with the old dairy products.

International trend

– There are many people who do not like yoghurt. “Now we give them the opportunity to have the same properties, but with regular milk,” she says.

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The new dairy plant can also produce Skyr drinks and flavored kefir varieties. She notes that this represents a major trend internationally.

Chocolate competition between shops

The Freya Inventors Series has named its winners. The special thing this year is that each chain gets its own type of chocolate. Then if you want to taste all three, you should visit Rima, Kiwi and Extra.

New flavors from Freya.  You will not find these items next to each other, but you will have to go to different stores to find them.

Among other chocolate news, you should be able to find mint-flavored Dumle snacks, gluten-free Dumleks with licorice, and Smash sauce for ice cream.

Licorice is a big hit at the moment. We can also expect it in Skyr, along with berries and new Stupedames with chocolate.

Otherwise, chili is still popular. Snacks, cheeses and sauces contain more chili peppers than ever before.

Chocolate + pizza = no

When one thing comes in, something else must come out. But suppliers rarely talk about it.

Some products sell big when people first see them in a store, such as chocolate pizza. Dr. Oetker reported empty freezers. “Everyone” wanted to experience modernity. But that was all. Repurchase, where the customer chose this for the second time, there was very little of it.

The chocolate pizza has now been withdrawn from the market.

Milk + juice = no

So does Tynes Dos. A mixture of orange juice and milk. Idon Yellow Ketchup, a ketchup made from yellow tomatoes, was not a success.

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Idun's Yellow Tomato Ketchup, Idun's Rett på maten sauce, Coca-Cola's Fanta juice, and Tine's Shower are among the flops we never saw again.

Salmon sausages intended for families with children also disappeared quickly. Both children and adults politely decline with their strongest consumer power: bypass the shelf without taking the item with you.

Facebook groups such as “We are the ones who want to squeeze into one and a half liter bottles” or “We are the ones who want to bring back banana-flavored HaPå” or “We are the ones who want to bring back banana-flavored HaPå” were just some of the groups that tried to influence producers.

Both Bugg and banana-HaPå were launched, but quickly disappeared. Prompt – it was a success indeed.

Mullet match for the editor-in-chief

Other lobby groups have also tried to persuade manufacturers to change their minds. Here at the paper, editor-in-chief Trine Eilertsen and other mullet yogurt fans won over. Tyne has resumed production and delivers yogurt throughout the country.

But if they are found on shelves in the future, only one thing applies:

“If the yogurt doesn't sell well enough, it will be taken out again,” Tinie Meyer said clearly.

The same fate applies to other products launched these days.

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