Putin issued a new decree increasing the number of soldiers by 170,000. At the same time, young men in the army are kidnapped.

Putin issued a new decree increasing the number of soldiers by 170,000.  At the same time, young men in the army are kidnapped.

Young Russians are kidnapped from the streets and forced into the army, while Vladimir Putin signs a decree increasing the number of soldiers by 170,000 soldiers.


It is independent Russian media mediazone Which suggests that Russian men are once again at risk of being arrested on the streets and forcibly sent into the army.

– They are taken from their homes, detained in metro stations, or taken from universities. In the past two weeks, reports have increased of people of military age being forcibly sent to register and be conscripted into the army, Mediazona writes.

They quoted human rights activists as saying that the matter had “escalated insanely” recently.

A frigate in the Russian Black Sea Fleet fires a missile at Ukrainian military infrastructure, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense’s comment on this photo published last Wednesday.

This is happening at the same time that Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an agreement decree decree Official decision of the President. Which intends to increase recruitment – increasing their number by 170,000 soldiers to 1.3 million.

Meanwhile, the authorities claim that there are no plans to change the conscription or introduce others Packing measuresPacking measuresMeasures taken to recruit soldiers and organize military forces for war..

In the fall of 2022, Putin ordered a “partial mobilization” in which 300,000 soldiers were brought in. It was not popular at all, and led to tens of thousands of Russians fleeing their homeland.

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On Friday, VG spoke about women’s protests against the Kremlin, because these men have not yet returned to their homes – after 14-15 months.

Russian Ministry of Defense He explained in a statement that the reason for the increase in the number of soldiers now is the “special operation” in Ukraine and the “continuous expansion of… NATONATOAn international defense alliance consisting of member states from North America and Europe, including the United States. A total of 31 countries at the moment.».

At the same time, the media write about how young people are being recruited into the army against their will.

  • Student Sergei Komarov (20 years old) was picked up at his home, detained and taken to an employment office in Moscow. There he was deprived of his phone and passport and was sent to the army. Mediazona claims to have major mental problems.
  • 26-year-old Roman was arrested at the Moscow metro station and taken to the enlistment office. There he was declared fit to serve, although, according to his father, he had serious health problems, the Telegram channel wrote “Ostorozno, Moscow”.
  • 23-year-old Maxim from Belgorod was arrested at Prospekt Mira metro station in Moscow. He was later released thanks to the assistance of a lawyer.
  • Andrei Lebedev, a philology student at Moscow State University, was reportedly taken out of class, medically examined and sent to a military camp, according to the British Daily Mail. Sota.
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