Putin warns against violating Russia’s doctrine of using nuclear weapons

Putin warns against violating Russia's doctrine of using nuclear weapons

– If a potential adversary believes that he can use the theory of a pre-emptive strike, and we do not, then this makes us think about threats from such ideas in the defensive position of other states. And Putin said during a press conference in Kyrgyzstan that when we talk about a disarming attack, perhaps it is worth considering adopting the ideas developed by our American colleagues, and their ideas about ensuring their security. AP.

Russia’s war of conquest in Ukraine served as the backdrop for Putin’s hints that the country’s nuclear strategy might now change.

– will be wiped off the face of the earth

Russia’s nuclear doctrine states that a country can only use nuclear weapons if it is first attacked by a nuclear weapon, for example, from the United States.

– Putin says that any country that attacks Russia with nuclear weapons will be wiped off the face of the earth with advanced hypersonic weapons. daily Mail.

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Russia is now under tremendous pressure from the international community, and has to fight daily against Ukrainian forces who have access to many of NATO’s most advanced conventional weapons.

By no means did the war turn out the way Putin thought and wanted it. Instead, it is now under crossfire between hawks, who want tougher measures, and those who want the war to end as quickly as possible, a new poll says. Newsweek.

Consider preventive attacks

At the same time, Putin sees that the Russian war machine has a lot of debris in its hardware. Morale is low, logistics are poor, equipment is incomplete and commanders are not doing as expected.

In addition, the mobilization did not go as planned. Many of the new recruits became cannon fodder against the experienced Ukrainian forces. Blood now literally flows into the trenches, especially in the eastern front, reminiscent of the battles of the First World War.

If Russia chooses to change its nuclear weapons doctrine, this will entail the possibility of a preemptive attack, the so-called preemptive strike, to disarm the enemy.

Since a nuclear war has never been fought between two nuclear powers, an early and unannounced attack might give the attacker an advantage, but could later lead to massive retaliation.

– We have such missiles. The enemy did not

And in a vague statement in Kyrgyzstan, Putin said Moscow would not be the first to deploy nuclear weapons.

– Putin said, if we are not the first to use it under any circumstances, then we will not be the second to use it either, hv news.

Putin claimed that Russia’s cruise missiles and hypersonic systems were “more modern and more efficient” than those of the United States.

– We have hypersonic missiles. Putin said that the enemy does not have it.

There will be nothing left for the enemy

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin Photo: Kevin Deitch/AFP

US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin Photo: Kevin Deitch/AFP

John Erath, senior policy director at the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, believes Putin’s statement is another attempt to increase the nuclear threat.

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– The longer this war lasts, the greater the threat of the use of nuclear weapons, says Irat.

However, Putin does not hide the fact that any nuclear attack will be answered harshly.

– When the early warning system receives a signal of a missile attack, we launch hundreds of missiles that are impossible to stop. Enemy warheads will inevitably reach the territory of the Russian Federation. But there will be no enemy left of it either, because it is impossible to intercept hundreds of missiles. This, of course, is a deterrent factor, Putin warns Fox News.

United States: – The Kremlin continues its cruel and unjustified war

The US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, has indicated that Russia is “expanding and modernizing its nuclear arsenal,” reports say. Reuters.

Austin said at a ceremony held for the next president of the US Strategic Command, which oversees the US nuclear arsenal.

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