Queen Camilla abolishes the ladies of the court: hires a gang of friends

Queen Camilla abolishes the ladies of the court: hires a gang of friends

Royal families are known to have their traditions, which often go back several hundred years.

A British tradition, said to date back to the Middle Ages, is the Queen’s lady-in-waiting, the so-called “ladies-in-waiting”.

However, this chooses Queen Camilla (75) To scrap, the traditional mode is now being replaced with a modern touch.

not traditional: King Charles III is making headlines again, this time after meeting British Prime Minister Liz Truss. Correspondent: Christina H. Corneliussen / Dagbladet TV
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unofficial position

to me Royal Central wishes King Charles (73) And Queen Camilla to renovate the property, choosing not to have ladies-in-waiting is a step in that direction.

Instead, she appoints six of her closest friends as “Queen’s Companions”. Many friendships go back several decades.

to me BBC Previously, ladies of the court consisted of personal assistants from aristocratic families.

“The new companions will be there sporadically and be a more informal position, being with the Queen Consort on formal occasions, not answering letters and not dealing with day-to-day planning.”

Famous: Princess Kate, the Queen of Wales, won praise for the way she dealt with a disgruntled woman during her visit to Northern Ireland on Thursday 6 October. Correspondent: Christina H. Corneliussen / Dagbladet TV
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Queen Camilla’s new staff includes, among others, Jane von Westenholz, who introduced Duchess Meghan, 41, to her friend’s stepson Prince Harry, 38, according to Royal Central.

The Queen’s group of friends will not be paid, but expenses will be covered, People writes.

Oh, my God, it’s the Queen

However, Queen Elizabeth’s former ladies-in-waiting will not be out of work. The royal couple has given them a job as a housekeeper.

The late queen has dated her women-in-waiting since the day of her coronation in 1953, according to People magazine.

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One of those was Lady Pamela Hicks, who accompanied 25-year-old Princess Elizabeth during her tour of Kenya, where she received news of the death of her father, King George VI.

embarrassed: King Harald told politicians in the Norwegian Parliament about an embarrassing episode when he was having dinner with Queen Elizabeth. Video: NRC.
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– I remember hugging her. Then I thought, ‘Oh my God, she’s the Queen,’ and then I said no,” Hicks previously told People.

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