Qurum, Center | Police found an injured person in a hotel room

Qurum, Center |  Police found an injured person in a hotel room

The police were alerted by an employee shortly before 7:30 a.m. Sunday. The message arrived amid uproar in a hotel room.

When the police arrived, they were first met by two people outside. It fit the description received by the police and he was arrested.

A little later, police entered a hotel room and found someone with stab wounds in the foot, says Operations Manager Tor Gr√łttum.

Health can say more about the extent of the damage, but it was working. Our assessment is that he has minor injuries, he says.

Find stabbing weapons

Just over an hour later, the police are still working to clarify the status of the two arrested men. It is not yet clear if they will be arrested.

– Where did the accident happen?

– It’s inside the hotel, but where are we working to clarify, Grotom replies.

All those involved are known to the police. The police do not suspect that more than three were involved in the accident.

We are working to find out what was used. we are looking. Our COO says room, corridor and outside area.

There is no danger to others

Operations chief Tony Brandrud says police are questioning those involved.

We consider it an isolated incident. We do not have complete clarity on the relationship between them, but there is a certain connection which means that it is not accidental. There is no danger to others, she says to Avisa Oslo.

Was there a party or something like that before?

“That’s one of the things we’re working on,” Brandrod replies. “We can’t go into the details of what they explained to us.”

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