– raised this topic with him immediately

– raised this topic with him immediately

AUCKLAND (VG) During the opening match of the World Cup, President of Football Liz Clavenice had her first conversation with Gianni Infantino since her speech in Doha. Then came clear messages to the FIFA President.

The present: Liz Clavenice was a standout during this year’s water cycle. Here from Norwegian football training in Auckland.

Liz Clavenice sat next to Infantino during the opening match of the World Cup in New Zealand, the day after the FIFA president delivered his opening speech at the tournament.

In the opening speech, Gianni Infantino could not promise that the 720 participants in the World Cup would receive the financial reward set by FIFA.

Politician Kristian Memir Kristjanson thinks the national football association should address this.

nffnffNorwegian Football Association. It must take the initiative to change this scheme, and FIFA must pay the prize money it promised, to both women and men, He told VG.

That’s exactly what football president Clavenese did when she spoke to Infantino for the first time after her speech in Doha over a year ago.

– I immediately took up the matter with him, Klaveness tells VG.

Present: Infantino. Here during Switzerland-Philippines in Dunedin, the day after the opening match.

Clavenese hasn’t exchanged words with Infantino since she finished on the podium in Doha over a year ago. There criticized FIFA and the organizers of the Qatar World Cup, and The speech was praised around the world.

– How was meeting him again?

– It was nice to meet him again. I’ve had the opportunity to touch on many topics of interest to us, says Klavenis.

How did he react to your bringing up the topic?

– We had a constructive conversation about increasing FIFA’s prize money. Lee agreed that FIFA should abide by the requirement that these players go in full, Claveness says.

INCLUDED: Klaveness has been present at many Norwegian training courses in New Zealand. Here she is on her way to the grass field.

Clavenis confirms that the national football federation is happy that FIFA has started referring to him “equal pay”“equal pay”Equal pay for equal work. On the women’s side, and that the federation is aware of the importance of the World Cup as a platform for launching global professionalism.

Therefore, you believe it is very important that FIFA adhere to the original communication and payment terms.

– Here there was no room for doubt, and if it was retracted, a very positive matter would become a major credibility problem for FIFA, as the players would react strongly, says Clavenis.

She was straightforward in her conversation with Infantino.

– FIFA cannot open the doors for federations to start allocating money to cover costs or other things for this money, says Clavenis.

The soccer boss also reacted when she heard Infantino’s inaugural speech. This is based on information received by the confederations at the FIFA Congress in Kigali earlier this year.

She herself was under the impression that FIFA was crystal clear in its contacts with the confederations that the money should go to the players entirely, but through the confederations, and that FIFA would follow through.

– So it’s strange that Infantino hesitated on this point during the press conference. This may indicate that FIFA has received opposition from some confederations and that FIFA’s work at the fore has not been the best, says Claveness.

The cash reward in this year’s toilet is groundbreaking. Subscriber bonus increased by 397 percent. Clavenice asserts that this number is seven times more than it was in the World Cup in 2015, three times that of the World Cup in 2019.

The football chief points to two factors that make the case special:

  • FIFA determines how a portion of the prize money is used. Previously, it was up to the associations themselves. This is the case for men.
  • For some confederations where women’s football has never been professionalised, these World Cup payments mean surprising and significant differences between World Cup players and the rest of women’s football in the country.

FIFA should be responsible for the original communication. FIFA’s role should be leadership as a clear sign of equal opportunity. Then there is no room for differentiation between the most important cues, says Claveness.

– Do you think that the money reaches all the players?

– This is something that FIFA should follow. They have many ways of putting authority behind a claim. If there is a will in Fifa, they will handle this just fine, says Claveness.

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