Funds distributed: Christmas gifts from RørosBanken

Funds distributed: Christmas gifts from RørosBanken

– Good and healthy operations, with a high profit margin, means we can contribute capital to the local community, and be an active supporter. We are delighted to be able to contribute project funds to everyone here today,” says Ingrid Brynhildsvoll Svendsen, Director of Marketing and Sales at RørosBanken.

In total, Roros Bank disbursed NOK 810,000 in project funds, spread over Roros IL, Brecken IL, Stiftelsen Portbo Moa and Studio Martin, as well as the Salvation Army, Stifelsen Filkirkka in Roros, as well as buying a new bust of Valkberget.

A Christmas gift becomes a meeting place

Every year, Roros Pankin gives a Christmas gift for a good cause, and this year the choice fell on The Salvation Army.

– Every year we try to find a goal that will benefit many people. This year, that gift goes to The Salvation Army, who are doing an amazing job! They got NOK 30,000 from us, says Ingrid Brynhildsvoll Svendsen, marketing and sales manager at RørosBanken.

It was Mary Skurland, Major of the Salvation Army in Roros, who accepted the gift.

– I think it’s great that we get NOK 30,000 for our work. She emphasized that we are grateful for this.

She wants to use part of the gift to start a meeting place for the evening, where the focus is on integration and activation.

– Then I will start a meeting place, where we can gather, knit and talk together. “We’re going to buy two sewing machines,” Scourland says.

NOK 450,000 for the treadmill and activity park

The Brekken IL was awarded NOK 200,000, which is for a new trail machine.

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– This is an acknowledgment of the volunteer work we do that contributes to public health, among other things. Having a lot of money meant it was a quick start and execution, and it was very important for us to be able to buy a track machine. We’re very happy about this,” says Rune Johnsen, sporting director at Brekken IL.

Roros Ill was also represented by Vidar Kogan-Grind and Anita Syvrtsgaard, who received NOK 50,000 to develop an anniversary book to celebrate the 125th anniversary.

The remaining NOK 200,000 went towards developing the Ora Activity Park facility, focusing on the bike park, pump track and skate park.

– Our goal was to create a meeting place, to get young people more interested in both riding and cycling. The bike tower was used at the end of the season this year and seems to be popular and well received, says Vidar Kojan-Grind, president of Røros IL.

“I also see that the tower is now used as a toboggan run,” chimes in Anita Sivertsgård, general manager of Røros IL.

Funds for the legacy of the author and musician

Ragnar Kokkvoll, from the interest group for a new bust of Falkberget, received a check for NOK 50,000, which would go toward the purchase of a “new” bust of Falkberget, which would be central to the new library in Røros.

Köckfull explains that the bust was made by sculptor Nils As in 1964.

“It will welcome everyone who enters the new library when the Christmas market opens next year,” he says.

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Filmmaker Kine Aune, who represents Studio Martin, was thrilled to receive funding for what she sees as a unique project.

Martin Studio builds on the legacy of the late Martin Unnie who was a musician. We are creating a studio with a grand piano, which has good insulation and very impressive acoustics, which cannot be found anywhere else in Norway. Martin Onn himself had some money that was used for the project, as well as money from the municipality, the cultural council and the bank. Our relationship with RørosBanken has been positive all along, she says.

A farm and a mountain church

Ola Ragnar Langen, director of Bortpå Moa, received NOK 20,000 on behalf of the foundation – a foundation of the Museum and History Association of Roros.

“This money is for rebuilding a farm,” Langen says.

The head of the Fjellkirka Foundation in Røros, Gunnar Hegre, received NOK 10,000 to insulate all the rooms in the mountain church.

“The money goes into new smoke detectors,” he says.

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