Ramzan Kadyrov: – Explains the rebellion with Prigozhin’s daughter

Ramzan Kadyrov: – Explains the rebellion with Prigozhin’s daughter

Chechnya’s dictator Ramzan Kadyrov cracked down on Wagner leader Yevgeny Prigozhin’s rebellion against the Russian authorities and military.

In a post dated cable Late Saturday night, Kadyrov alleged that Prigozhin had defected over a dispute with the city council in his hometown of St Petersburg. The 62-year-old is accused of letting his business ambitions come at the expense of the country’s security.

Lawyer: Ramzan Kadyrov authoritarianly rules Chechnya with great force. Photo: Mikhail Metzel/Kremlin/Sputnik/AP/NTB
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A long string of failed business deals left him deeply and permanently bitter, Kadyrov claims.

The struggle over ownership

The dictator of the Caucasus Republic is so far the only Russian leader to link the uprising to Prigozhin’s dealings. continued:

– climaxed when the authorities in St. Petersburg refused to give his daughter the drug she wanted. One person’s arrogance led to severe consequences, and drove a large number of people into conflict.

According to the newspaper Kavkaz Relig (Caucasus Facts) Kadyrov refers to Polina Prigozhzhina (30), the eldest of three children of the Wagner chief, whom he had with wealthy businesswoman and pharmacist Lyubov Valentinovna Prigozhina.

A video from Russia’s state news agency RIA Novosti claims Yevgeny Prigozhin leaves the Wagner Group headquarters in Rostov-on-Don. Video: RIA Novosti
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The entire close Prigozhin family is affected by Western sanctions. Imprisoned Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny in 2016 published the results of an investigation into his family’s luxurious life, which included his private jet, luxury yacht and expensive cars.

private empire

A separate investigation of Paulina’s work followed:

The 30-year-old has built his own business empire, which includes real estate company Credo and hotel company Lakhta. Currently, Polina is in civil action against the city of St. Petersburg for debts of several million rubles.

Polina’s main interest is horses, and she has won medals in international show jumping competitions. For a while I owned a riding club in Germany.

Putin escaped in horror

Putin escaped in horror

According to the newspaper subsidnik Polina also invests heavily in a chocolate company founded by her mother, Lyubov, which makes premium bespoke chocolates and has/has clients such as the Bank of Russia, UEFA Champions League, and BMW.

After the uproar surrounding the revelations, Polina closed her social media profiles and deleted almost all of her photos, according to Sobesednik. Her Facebook profile indicates that she lives in Hanover, Germany.

It is not known whether Yevgeny Prigozhin helps his daughter in business or not.

TOOK CITY: The Wagner Group dominated the  million city of Rostov-na-Donu all day Saturday.  Photo: AP/NTB

TOOK CITY: The Wagner Group dominated the $1 million city of Rostov-na-Donu all day Saturday. Photo: AP/NTB
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– Try to go back

Ramzan Kadyrov considers himself one of the fiercest hawks in Putin’s circle, and it was previously said that he cooperated with Prigozhin in media campaigns to get the Russian authorities to provide more resources to the Wagner Group.

– Perhaps Kadyrov’s support for this blackmail is an attempt to re-establish his position in the Kremlin’s power apparatus, writes the famous think tank Institute for the Study of War In the May analysis.

However, any cooperation between the Hawks was now completely unthinkable. Kadyrov himself has his own privately-functional army, known as Kadyrov, which was central to many battles during the war in Ukraine.

He claims that the Chechen killers have been eliminated

He claims that the Chechen killers have been eliminated

This weekend he personally sent Kadyrov’s henchmen to Rostov-on-Don, which was controlled by the Wagner Group yesterday, with promises to put down the rebellion.

Ramzan Kadyrov is referred to as “Putin’s bull,” and he rules Chechnya in the North Caucasus with an iron fist. He was listed by the United States for widespread human rights abuses In the war-torn republic of Russia.

The Wagner Group’s column was not far from Moscow when Prigozhin abruptly canceled the campaign, withdrew from the occupied city of Rostov-on-Don. This must be due to an agreement allowing the 62-year-old to go into exile in Belarus, in return for not prosecuting Wagner soldiers.

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