Head of the Norwegian Data Protection Authority for the development of artificial intelligence: – My stomach hurts

Head of the Norwegian Data Protection Authority for the development of artificial intelligence: – My stomach hurts
DATA BOSS: Line Coll is the director of the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. She’s anxious, and she’s less terrified in reality than she is in this photo.

The director of the Norwegian Data Protection Authority believes that the development of artificial intelligence is so fast that it can be compared to the industrial revolution. She believes that the government is not doing enough to address the technological transition.


Line Coll, director of the Norwegian Data Protection Authority, has been working with privacy for nearly thirty years – but she’s never been as concerned as she is now.

– For the first time in my career, the development that is taking place makes me nauseous. It says the rapid development of artificial intelligence.

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority works to protect the privacy of everyone in Norway. And precisely this privacy is being challenged by the wealth of artificial intelligence that we now see in society.

Privacy is a prerequisite for our democracy. Without privacy, no freedom of expression, no freedom of opinion and other rights that we take for granted today.

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SIER IFRA says Line Coll at the Norwegian Data Protection Authority is not at all enthusiastic about the rise of AI.

goes fast

The development of artificial intelligence has been described as as important as the industrial revolution, Cole explains.

– Artificial intelligence lives on personal data. Without data and information, you have no artificial intelligence. That is why it is so important that we take action now.

– What worries you the most?

– How fast is the development. And that we are not getting the necessary control over development that we should have.

Is the government doing enough to counter the rapid development of artificial intelligence?

– no. Development is going so fast, and it’s hard to see that we’re getting results from the work we’re doing today. Digitization and the development of artificial intelligence move very quickly, Cole says, while legislation and regulation move much more slowly, and so are often outdated by the time they are ready.

Minister of Communications and Information Technology: Does anyone use the term “information and communication technology” after the 1990s? Obviously the government and Sigbjørn Gjelsvik.

– no or

Who in government is responsible for artificial intelligence?

Yes, it’s the local government minister Sigbjørn Gjelsvik. He is responsible for what in the public sector is called “Information and Communication Technology (ICT)”. Thus, we have a vanguard in the government to counter the stormy development of artificial intelligence.

Do we need stricter regulation of AI?

– Yes, in some areas we need it. But much of Norway’s regulation is technology-neutral. This means that there are general rules that also apply to new technology and new players.

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AI isn’t a matter of either or, says Gilsvik, but of how.

This summer, the Directorate of Digitization launched a supervisor For responsible use and development of artificial intelligence.

Jelsvik points out that the Haukeland Hospital has used artificial intelligence to make analyzes more effective in treating cancer, and that the technology can lead to many advances in society.

Much of the regulation around AI is introduced internationally with other countries, for example in the European Union, Jelsvik points out.

However, Norway must also deal with development independently.

– I am keen to know if there is a need to consider changes or tighten regulations, he says.

– I am very concerned that we do not have sufficient control over important and sensitive information about people in Norway – not least children and young people. There we must have greater awareness. Among other things, we’ve seen loads of health information go astray.

Cole spoke: Cole was so clear in his speech that the minister’s arms were crossed.

Cole was only moderately affected by the minister’s letter.

– We talk about artificial intelligence as the new industrial revolution – and it’s happening now. And then it’s unfortunate that we have politicians talking about evaluating whether there is a need to look at regulations, as you say.


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