Tesla upgrades the audio systems of existing cars

More than a million vehicles get Dolby Atmos support.

All newer Teslas will get Dolby Atmos support in an upcoming update, BGR.com claims.
Look for Jarley Cavalheim

For years, Tesla has upgraded its cars with new functionality, like when the iPhone gets new software. This time, the company is working on bringing the Dolby Atmos sound standard into its cars.

BGR.com He writes that as far as they know, all newer Teslas will receive update support, and a total of more than 1 million vehicles will benefit from it. The car manufacturer must have worked with the record company

The update could provide vastly improved audio in the car’s infotainment system, but it’s uncertain where the benefits will be greatest, for music or for movies. Dolby Atmos is traditionally known as the surround sound technology for movies.

Advanced surround sound

Dolby Atmos is a type of advanced surround sound that can have many channels.

In a more advanced operating system, the solution can have separate audio channels with ceiling speakers. Thus, for example, it can look like a helicopter is flying — not just behind you, but above you.

At the same time, Dolby Atmos is also available in limited editions, for example in headphones or soundbars where there are not necessarily many channels involved and parts of the sound picture are simulated.

Exactly how ambitious Tesla’s version of Atmos is is unknown.

Known for its updates

Software updates and exciting infotainment solutions are among Tesla’s trademarks. The car brand has already been known for releasing seemingly silly updates — for example, there’s a fart pad function in the infotainment system, and it’s been several years since cars got a Christmas mode which means the sound of flashing lights has been replaced by doomsday bells.

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But Tesla also occasionally releases very useful updates. For example, both performance and battery range have increased after the updates.

The cars have also received several updates to the different levels of driver assistance in the cars, and the fully autonomous driving solution is currently undergoing beta testing in some countries. At the same time, there is some debate about the autopilot solution, as there is uncertainty about whether Tesla promised too much technology, and whether it was involved in accidents.

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