It promises a full charge in six minutes

It promises a full charge in six minutes

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(Elbil24): British company Nyobolt, an outgrowth of the University of Cambridge, now claims to be able to fully charge an electric vehicle battery in just six minutes using existing charging infrastructure.

More specifically, it’s a 35 kWh battery, which should be charged when fully charged for six minutes at an average power of 350 kWh from 0-100. This corresponds to 10 °C, or 10 times the battery capacity in one hour.

Part of the secret lies in the use of niobium and tungsten (elements) in the anodes.

The new “cheap battery” should guarantee a range of 100 miles

Lotus Elise concept car

The company demonstrated its technology in a concept car based on the Lotus Elise sports car, which was developed in collaboration with Callum.

When placed in this car, the 35-kWh battery should provide a range of 250 kilometers, and the car weighs “nearer one ton than two tons,” the company writes. their websites.

Photo: Newbolt

Photo: Newbolt
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according to trainer The exact weight should be 1246kg, and with a 470bhp engine that should mean it’s brand new to go.

The goal is to have a drivable prototype ready as early as November, when a decision will be made over the following year on whether it should be put into production. Anyway, it’s only about 25 copies a year, so this particular model wouldn’t be a big seller.

If an electric vehicle has this connection, a world of possibilities opens up

If an electric vehicle has this connection, a world of possibilities opens up

But Newbolt doesn’t intend to stop there. They claim this technology can also be used in larger batteries, but then you need lightning chargers more powerful than those on the road today. If you want to manage six minutes with a 100 kWh battery, you need a charger that can produce one megawatt (1,000 kW).

The battery itself will go into production as early as 2024, and the technology should be ready for immediate application and rapid expansion.

Norwegians will love this battery!

Norwegians will love this battery!

It should withstand 2,000 rounds

Most people know that fast and light charging takes a toll on a battery, but Nyobolt claims they tested the batteries through 2,000 charge cycles “without significant loss in performance.”

It will correspond to 500,000 km if we use the range from the prototype.

So the company believes that it has found the “holy grail” with this technology, which will make it possible to fill an electric car barely As soon as the gas tank fills up. And with such short charging times, it won’t be much of a need to drive 50-60 miles straight. This will also reduce pressure on metals that are in high demand during the day.

Not to mention that six minutes on each car should reduce charging queues considerably.

Not without competition

There sure is a lot going on on the battery front during the day that suddenly in a few years we’ll be laughing at the fact that we stood for an hour to charge the car. In April, we wrote about Israel’s StoreDot, which is working on something similar — make shipping time fast enough that needing extra-long range isn’t an issue.

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