The new version of Firefox clears unused tabs

The new version of Firefox clears unused tabs

The new functionality will make everyday life better for those who play heavy games in the browser, browse hard on limited devices, or simply store tabs in the browser. By reducing the memory load, it may be possible to save power and prevent the device from running hot.

– We’ve tried this before, but the issue we couldn’t solve was finding a balance between reducing memory usage and annoying the user with the slight delay that occurs when the page is reloaded. It is a difficult process, but we got satisfactory results.

Heik Avtandilian writes in one book Blog posts in Mozilla hack About the new function to pause, or clear unused tabs.

It’s one of the news in the latest version of Firefox, which was released on Tuesday of this week, and is currently only available for Windows.

tabs “download”

The browser monitors the device’s memory, and responds by “unpacking” or clearing tabs. The tabs remain in the tab bar, but if you click on the tab, the page reloads, as when you restart the browser.

– In Windows, situations where the computer is running out of physical memory are responsible for a large part of the browser and content crashes reported by users. Paused tabs allow Firefox to save memory, which will reduce crashes and reduce interruptions when working in the browser, Aftandilian writes.

Mozilla writes that the balance of saving memory and annoying the user with extra time when the page is reloaded has been a challenge. So they work with the algorithm that chooses which tabs to download. Tabs that are on or playing audio or video do not have to be paused, and the algorithm is constantly being improved.

Not a new idea

Similar functionality already exists as plugins. Among other things, “The Great Suspender” was a Crome plugin, which did much of the same.

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Tab Suspender promises to save up to 80 percent of memory, save battery and prevent your computer from overheating.

Mozilla promises that its new built-in functionality will be compatible with this type of extension.

More news

The change comes just a few months after the browser got one Adequate design fix and appearance, and New security feature Specifically designed to protect against Specter-like vulnerabilities/breakdown.

that it Other news at launch. Downloads should become more secure, among other things by preventing http downloads from https pages. Support for AVIF image format is available, and an enhanced version of Smartblock to secure your privacy online.

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