Spy ship employees enter into settlement in pension dispute – VG

Spy ship employees enter into settlement in pension dispute – VG
Spy ships: The new Norwegian intelligence service surveillance ship “Margata” was photographed on the York River in Virginia in 2015.

Three former employees of the Norwegian armed forces intelligence ship Marjata have sued the state after they were forced to retire at the age of 63. Now they have reached an agreement.


The sailors claimed that the current minimum age is 70 when they must retire, and that there is no special age limit of 63, they were told.

The three demanded their reinstatement and issued a summons against the state at the Ministry of Defense. The case was due to be heard in the Oslo District Court on September 28.

I can confirm that a settlement has been reached and the case is closed in court, says attorney Hugo Rolf Hansen at Elden law firm, which helped the three seafarers and their union Fellesforbundet For Sjøfolk (FFFS).

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Settlement means permanently ending the working conditions of the plaintiffs in the state. Attorney Asgeir Nygård confirms that they receive an annual stipend as severance pay.

On behalf of the Department of Defense, I can confirm that an out-of-court settlement has been entered into and that the three plaintiffs as part of this settlement will receive severance payments for a period of 12 months. In addition, the Ministry of Defense does not wish to comment further, Nygård writes in an email to VG.

The intelligence service that operates Margata has not commented on the case.

– The intelligence service is convinced of reaching a settlement. Beyond that, we have no comments, the communications unit of the intelligence service writes in an email to VG.

Last year, a former captain of the intelligence ship “Iger” entered into a 1.8 million NOK settlement with the intelligence. He, too, had to retire at the age of 63.

one dimension change in law The obligation for employees with special age limits to resign when the minimum age is reached on July 1 this year has been rescinded.

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