Elon Musk rarely showed glimpses of his son

Elon Musk rarely showed glimpses of his son

Last year, Elon Musk, 50, and his then-girlfriend Grimes, 33, got engaged. The world in which they were expecting children. The son got a rather unusual name X Æ A-XiiIt has now been over a year.

In September, the couple announced that they are They broke up with lovers after three years.

Musk said at the time: – We are half divorced, but we still love each other, see each other regularly and have a good tone.

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The former couple have given some rare glimpses of their son since his birth. However, on Thursday he appeared at his father’s Zoom meeting, where Musk was to provide an update on the space company SpaceX.

In the video, little X is seen smiling and saying “hello” and making several attempts to talk while sitting on his smiling father’s lap. The 50-year-old even posted an excerpt on Instagram.

While working on the technical aspects during the presentation, however, the son is picked up, and apparently not happy about keeping him out of the spotlight, you can see in the video.

He begins to cry at the exit, while Musk says “sorry” – either to his son or to the audience.

Musk and Grimes, whose real name is Claire Elise Boucher, became a couple in 2018. They confirmed the relationship by standing together on it. The red carpet during the ceremony of the dead in the same year.

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