Reactions: – Terrifying

Reactions: – Terrifying

On Friday evening, DinSide journalist Linn Merete Rognø encountered what she described as a “scary” and unexpected charging experience.

– I suddenly felt a very bad and “chemical” smell downstairs, and when I opened our bedroom door, I was shocked by the intense smell.

Rognow initially thought there was a gas leak in the house, but he was quickly able to track down the source of the intense odor.

– It turned out that my mobile phone charger, which was in the socket next to the bedside table as always, had melted – without charging any mobile phones. The charger was hot, so I had to use my jacket sleeve to protect my fingers in order to get it out.

For many people, it is normal to charge their mobile phones once a day. But there are a number of shipping mistakes you should avoid. Video: Embla Hjort Larsen.

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Terrifying experience

Rogen explains that she was surprised when she saw that the charger had melted.

“What the hell,” I thought and said out loud. Then I thought about what would happen if we and the children were asleep; Did we wake up to this smell or was it going to ignite without us waking up?

After the incident, Rognø pulled all the chargers out of the sockets when not in use.

– Now I only dare to charge during the day, not at night like we always do. I also think it’s very special that this charger just melts away without charging anything. Why does it always have to get hot and melt once plugged into the socket?

The charger was purchased from Power on March 30 of this year, and the electricity giant’s website states that the charger must be protected from short-circuiting, overcharging and overvoltage.

The last thing you expect is for it to overheat, melt, and, in the worst case, cause a fire, Rognow says.

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- Get rid of it

– Get rid of it

The Force responds

Rognø goes on to say that she received good customer service when she made the trip to Power.

The two employees were very surprised when I showed them the charger, as they had never received chargers of this type with such damage. He felt that this must be a manufacturing error, and that something like this should of course not be possible, whether it was charging a mobile phone or plugged into a socket even without charging.

– At the same time, he said that their general advice is to always unplug chargers from the socket when not in use. I replaced the charger and cable with a new one, while both the charger and cable were sent to the manufacturer immediately

This is very disappointing

This is very disappointing

DinSide also contacted Monica Irene Fasting, Power’s director of communications, who said she apologized for the customer experience and would be getting a new product.

– We cannot say for sure what happened to this charger without examining it first, and we have not encountered any similar cases on this model. Based on the pictures, according to the manufacturer, this is likely related to a faulty capacitor.

She continues:

– If this short occurs, it can cause the temperature in the charger to rise sharply in a short time, and the reason for this short is either that the charger has been exposed to external pressures such as an explosion or falling to the ground, or errors during production. We will not know this until we receive it for examination. Fortunately, such errors rarely occur, regardless of the manufacturer or type of charger.

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