Remora Robotics is developing innovative technology for sustainable fish farming and has appointed a new CTO

Remora Robotics is developing innovative technology for sustainable fish farming and has appointed a new CTO

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Remora Robotics has appointed Christopher Abneth as its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Stavanger company: Christopher Abneseth has just started his position as CTO at Remora Robotics.

Remora is a technology company founded in Stavanger that specializes in the aquaculture industry by providing innovative robotic solutions that enhance fish welfare and are sustainable. The company develops autonomous washing and monitoring robots used in fish farming.

In 2021, Shifter wrote about the company's commercial milestone five years later.

Remora is now strengthening the team, half a year after the company got a new boss.

Washes and screens: This is the robot developed by the company.

– Christopher Abneseth has long and relevant experience and expertise in technology and robotics management. With his extensive background as a developer, researcher, and manager, he brings more than two decades of experience to his new role. His expertise will play an important role in the development of Remora's technology in the coming years, the company said in a press release.

– I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to join Remora Robotics and contribute to the company's mission of developing technology that will contribute to new, innovative and forward-looking solutions. I find it very exciting to help turn a promising emerging technology into a leading industry solution. My goal is to build on an already strong team, so that our R&D department contributes to significant improvements in fish health and the environment in the farming industry, says Abneseth.

Sven Erik Gregersen will become the new president of Remora Robotics at the end of 2023.

Svein Erik Gregersen, CEO of Remora Robotics, says he is proud to be able to welcome Apneseth, and highlights his unique combination of skills and experience as an important factor in driving the company's technology strategy forward.

– We are pleased to welcome Christopher to the team. His expertise and experience fit perfectly with where we are today and the position we want to take. Plus, his personal qualities fit very well for us, says Gregersen.

Experience from manufacturing

Apneseth has experience building and manufacturing products from previous jobs. Now he wants to start building a stronger R&D department in the organization.

– We will work focused on increasing the reliability and lifespan of mechanical systems, while at the same time increasing the degree of automation. Last but not least, we will develop innovative and valuable solutions for our customers, which will require significant investment in software and IT systems moving forward. In addition, we must hire the right people and achieve effective cooperation between different disciplines, such as electronics, mechanics and software, says the newly appointed CTO, whose first day of work will be on May 2.

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