Renate Rensvi: – Norway’s new star

Renate Rensvi: - Norway's new star

“Everyone” wants a little Rinat Renzvi after coming home from Cannes this summer, and she is excellent as a best actress for her lead role in “The Worst Man in the World.” Tonight, the Norwegian film premiered, and the red carpet was rolled out in front of the Klingenberg Cinema in Oslo.

For the 33-year-old actor from Solbergelva outside of Drammen, the past few months have been filled with international interviews, photo shoots, and praise from critics. The film immediately grabbed attention when it was shown in Cannes, as the first Golden Palm nomination in Norwegian since Anja Breien’s 1979 film The Legacy.

In the days leading up to the Norwegian premiere, Renzvi’s name was also seen in the Oscar predictions of the American media. Among other things, her performance was impressive New York times And diverse.

Live in the USA today mentioned Along with Olivia Colman and Penelope Cruz, he is described as “infinitely worth watching” and “hard to resist” if the film gets a large enough audience.

a normal person

When Dagbladet talks to the busy actress, she is deeply concerned about what her friends back home will think.

– They will see through everything. In addition to knowing me well, some of them are actors and directors. Rensvi tells Dagbladet that they see me as a normal person, which is liberating, but it also means I’ll get real feedback.

Photo: Pernell Sandberg/Oslo Pictures.
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I still feel the same, but others can probably get the impression that I’ve become different. It’s a life I’m still getting used to.

She recounts the stressful situations in Cannes where she noticed that the whole room suddenly looked at her and at co-actor Herbert Nordrum, where they stood and kept Joachim Trier at the DJ table.

Historical: On Saturday night, actress Renate Rains made history during the Cannes Film Festival. Dagbladet movie reviewer Inger Merete Hobbelstad thinks this is important for the Norwegian film. Video: Channel +
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– It was like a dream or a nightmare, where suddenly everyone on the dance floor was facing us. Everyone tried to contact us and didn’t let us go in peace because they wanted to discuss the movie. It was cute, but also quite new.

– as a bonus

Rainsf told Vulture that one day she vomited when she woke up, after thinking about what had happened in the past few days. The actress says she’s still trying to figure out how to deal with fame, and that she’s trying to resort to the idea that what happens next is a bonus.

– I’m so grateful for what I’ve already received and experienced, so I’m not stressed about whether it won’t quite pull off.

In the group: Joachim Trier and Renate Rinsp.  Photo: Pernell Sandberg/Oslo Pictures.

In the group: Joachim Trier and Renate Rinsp. Photo: Pernell Sandberg/Oslo Pictures.
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After Reinsvi graduated from the Academy of Arts in Oslo, she was seen in productions at the Trondelag Theater and Norwegian Theatre, and in series such as Almost Adults and White Boys. Eventually she started to get scared that she would end up in an episode where she was only allowed to play humorous characters.

I like to pursue humor, but the reason I wanted to become an actor was because I wanted to talk about existential topics, to describe what it means to be a human being today. In humor, human emotions are dealt with indirectly through laughter.

– Eventually, it became hard for the wheels to know that there was something else I really wanted more.

Comedian: Here in the NRK series “Almost an Adult” from 2018. Photo: NRK.

Comedian: Here in the NRK series “Almost an Adult” from 2018. Photo: NRK.
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Profitable job offers and expensive clothes

It’s not just the movie industry that’s starting to take it more seriously. Fashion houses in Cannes queued to decorate during the festival, French actress Léa Seydoux, who is currently working with the James Bond film “No Time To Die”, presented the ball. Seydoux got a phone call with Louis Vuitton where she insisted that they should meet the Norwegian for the first time in Cannes, and wear it.

—Then I stand with tears in my eyes in the Louis Vuitton suite, where they have all their clothes on, and they don’t know how to deal with it, says Rainsvy.

She herself is more accustomed to walking in used clothes, spending a lot of time in the forest and climbing mountains.

– to be able to go with couture… the genius people make it. Their parties are also on a completely different level than I have ever experienced.

– Suddenly I sit down and talk to people I’ve looked up to all my life and talk to them on an equal footing. This is ridiculous. For example, I managed to hang out with Isabelle Hubert one night, in the eyes of one of the best actors in the world.

She’s also been in and out of Dior, and has been printed in Vogue. It reflects the class you are in now – also in terms of job offers.

There’s not much that Rensev wants to reveal just yet, but she maintains that she’s in conversations with her acting agents, directors, and producers at a “very high level.”

Foto: Christian Belgaux / Oslo Pictures.

Foto: Christian Belgaux / Oslo Pictures.
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– I’ve had some nice conversations, but they haven’t shave off yet. People should be allowed to see the movie first.

– I get a little nervous, but I also feel it is reassuring to talk to people who are very good spirits and have worked with films for a long time, on big projects at such a high level.

Unpredictable forever

Rensev is about the character you play in the movie, how as a young woman you haven’t yet accepted that life is uncontrollable, and how hard it is to make good choices. She thinks you’re well on your way if you can accept the chaos.

– How do you choose when you do not know the consequences? Maybe you should just try to accept who you are, how that feels, and try to make choices that make you happy and feel good about yourself.

Nor does she think the choices will be easier later in life.

– I spoke to journalists who saw the film, who are between 60 and 80 years old, and they told me that they had not decided what they wanted to do in life either. They still find love difficult.

Ironically, it is the puzzling Jolie in “The Worst Man in the World” who will play a role in clarifying the career path of Renate Rinzev. When she was offered the role, she was thinking of becoming a carpenter.

– I still really want to learn it once. I want to split houses and do carpentry. But I think I’ll put it on hold for a few years.

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