Renewable energy, wind energy | Wind turbines and solar cells can be installed throughout the area: – There will be interference with nature

Renewable energy, wind energy |  Wind turbines and solar cells can be installed throughout the area: – There will be interference with nature

Treschow Fritzøe was responsible for the electrification of the entire Vestfold region in his time, and now they firmly control the opportunities in wind and solar energy. It is located on an area of ​​more than 700,000 acres suitable for facilities for solar and wind projects.

Hydro renewable energy company Hydro Rein and the Treschow-Fritzøe Group's new project Fritzøe Energi are now collaborating to develop renewable energy in Vestfold, Telemark and Buskerud. This must be done through close dialogue with local communities.

Now the proposed solar parks around Larvik are likely to be all talk and rain.

All municipalities are relevant

In a press release, the two companies spoke extensively about the needs of the local business and industry community. But what do they mean by local business and industry?

– Vestfold, Telemark and Lower Buskerud are what we consider local. We look at energy-intensive industries locally, and our regions close to them,” says Thomas Solem, CEO of Fritzøe Energi.

– Commercial Manager, Tor of Horstad, in Hydro Rein adds short-term energy.

“The closer the better,” continues Solim.

They occupy large areas in three provinces and seven municipalities, and have seen potential in all seven municipalities, namely Larvik, Porsgrunn, Bumble, Skåne, Siljan, Sandefjord and Kongsberg.

We hear about companies not attending because they are not sure about the energy situation in the region, so Horstad presents an argument for why they should start now.

It is open to all renewable energy possibilities, and here there is a lot of sun and good wind. All possibilities are open.

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-We need access to wind and solar resources, local acceptance and understanding of the need. This is what we have to work on now, says the man from Hydro.

These are behind

Fritzow energy

Fritzøe Energi is wholly owned by Treschow-Fritzøe AS, an industrial investment company with businesses in forestry, energy, building materials trading, real estate and natural stone.

Fritzøe Energi's main business is hydroelectric and district heating facilities in Larvik.

The company owns more than 700,000 acres of properties suitable for solar and wind project facilities.

The group had a turnover of NOK 3.5 billion in 2023 and has 400 employees.

Hydro Rain

The company was founded by Hydro in 2021 and has more than 80 employees.

Hydro Rein is a supplier of renewable energy solutions for a more sustainable industry.

Hydro Rein has a portfolio of more than 65 renewable projects as well as energy efficiency solutions under development in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Brazil.

Local democracy decides

They are not willing to say anything about the scale and breadth of their thinking.

– It's too early to say. We know there is an urgent need in the region, but we do not launch any projects until they are rooted locally. At the same time, we know that we have great potential in our properties, says Solem from Fritzoe.

In an article published by NRK earlier on Wednesday, it is claimed that the facility operated by Fritzøe and Hydro will produce up to 2 terawatt hours per year. In this case, this corresponds to the energy production of 36 solar cell plants planned for Haugenensen.

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– It is a number that came out of nowhere, and has no basis in reality, says Solim.

Therefore, he points out that they do not do anything without the approval of the local democracy for the project.

– Municipalities have the right to monitor the regulations of the Planning and Building Law. Horstad asserts that they have veto power.

They know they are entering a hornet's nest of opinions, resistance, and debate.

– The hope is that the discussion will be based on facts, and we will anyway play with open cards, as the man from Fritzow promised.

They see their big advantage as having large areas so they can maneuver projects with local residents.

We must have an early and open dialogue. It's nature's intervention anyway. “But we depend on sufficient local acceptance,” says Horstad.

Explain enough that local democracy is behind this.

– But the minimum is not enough, Slim intervenes. Wants strong support before they start projects.

“It makes sense for us to start with places where there is stronger local acceptance,” he says.

when and where

How close to the city centers they can go with their plans is up to the municipality.

“They decide where they want to hire, and we can only see what opportunities are available in our areas,” Solem says.

Local acceptance and the facilities themselves are big challenges they know they will face when they now have to find places where they can be built.

Where we can start is beyond our control, but the need for energy is there now, says Solem.

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Expectations indicate that there will be an energy deficit within a few years. But what we offer must be done in the best possible way, because it is an intervention in nature, explains Horstad.

At the same time, they agree that everything should be as reversible as possible.

“Although we see this as a long-term project,” says Solem.

They have now established the collaboration and naturally the goal is to get started as quickly as possible.

– In any case, construction takes two to five years, and the situation is different for wind and solar energy. But first, applications must be prepared and approved. The paperwork and implementation process usually takes 5 years. If it goes painlessly, says Horstad.

In 2022, Fritzö Skoger said no to a project on Fritzö's land in Siljan.

– It was because Bardos came and we wanted to do things in the right order. But it created a strategic discussion with us. “So now we want to control the operations,” Solim says.

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