The Norwegian Defense Forces stopped the new radar after building a road and a hill in Oslomarka

The Norwegian Defense Forces stopped the new radar after building a road and a hill in Oslomarka

After a year of construction work, the Norwegian Armed Forces set foot on the radar at Ringerike, which was to become the first of NATO’s new eyes in the north.

New tests from the Norwegian Defense Research Institute (FFI) show that the radar at Gyrihaugen will cause too much interference to other facilities in the area.

Numerous safety and hazard assessments have been conducted along the way. When new extensive testing now shows that Gyrihaugen cannot be used to place the radar, the Norwegian Armed Forces must take the consequences and halt construction, says Per Anders Bakke, science chief and chief of investment at the Defense Staff. in the current situation.

The construction of the radar began in June last year, and it was scheduled to open in 2025. A two-kilometer road has been built, and blasting work has been carried out on the summit, according to the newspaper. NRK.

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endangered forest species

Terribly sad and shocking, comments Jermund Andersen of the Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature to the channel.

– A major interference in nature that should have been avoided if the defense forces had done their work. Here are some of the most endangered species in Norwegian forests, he says.

Previous analyzes and tests showed that it would not affect other military and civilian infrastructures in the area. But in a more recent test where real radar was also simulated, it was found that the site could not be used, the defense reported Technical Weekly (TU).

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– It is very unfortunate that this was clarified so late in the process, something we would have liked to have made clear in advance in order to avoid the intrusions of nature, says the Norwegian Armed Forces press officer, Vegard Norstad Fienberg, to Aftenposten.

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NATO eyes in the north

In 2019 it was decided to build five completely new radar systems, and upgrade three existing ones by 2030. Forsvarsbygg referred to it as NATO eyes in the north. We are talking about Lockheed Martin radars of the TPY-4 type, the total price for all facilities is eight billion NOK.

Gyrihaugen, located in Oslomarka, about a mile from H√łnefoss, was the first to be completed.

Forsvarsbygg has reported to TU that contracts worth around NOK 70 million have been concluded at the Gyrihaugen site. The Norwegian Defense Forces must now find a new place to build it, as well as devise a plan for how best to reverse the natural excesses.

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