The flying car test has been approved

The flying car test has been approved

The US Aviation Authority has approved the test of the Alef Aviation all-electric vehicle.

last week California-based Alf Aeronautics announced that it has received limited flight approval from US aviation authorities.

A giant step for cars

The company has been developing flying cars since 2015, and launched its “Model A” car in October last year:

According to the company, they have been testing cars since 2019, but now they can do it at home as well.

It allowed us to get closer to giving people a greener and faster way to travel, saving individuals and businesses hours every week, says the director. Jim Duchovny i press releaseand confirmed:

– That’s one small step for airplanes, one giant step for cars.

Range of 180 kilometers

Tim Draper, who has previously invested in, among others, Tesla and SpaceX, is an investor in Alef Aeronautics.

The US Aviation Authority confirmed that the company has obtained a limited license to display, research and develop its “Model A”, According to CNN.

The vehicle’s speed on the ground should be no more than 40 km/h, but it should be faster in the air. According to the company, the vehicle has a range of 180 kilometers in the air and 320 kilometers on the ground.

The Model A is designed for vertical take-off and landing, and for being able to park in a normal parking lot. The car will accommodate one or two passengers and will initially cost $300,000. According to Alef Aviation, there were 440 cars in advance by the end of 2022.

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The Model A is scheduled to be available to the public at the end of 2025. In 2035, the company plans to release a four-seater Model Z for just $35,000, according to from the inside.

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