Several people have reported regarding drone flights over the aircraft carrier Gerald Ford-Dajsavisen

Several people have reported regarding drone flights over the aircraft carrier Gerald Ford-Dajsavisen

– We spoke to at least one drone pilot a day, and he flew into – or near – the restricted area, operations manager Ron Hecklestrand at the Oslo Police District tells Dagsavisen.

He asserts that manned and unmanned aircraft are prohibited within a radius of one kilometer around where the USS Gerald R. Ford is moored, which is equivalent to half a nautical mile. The safety zone extends up to 3,000 feet in the air.

– This means that, for example, scheduled aircraft can pass by, because they go much higher.

– What is the result of breaking the no-fly zone?

– The police communicate with those who do so. They are reported and the drone captured.

– Do you know anything about the motive for flying in the region?

– It’s enough to see the warship from the air, but the reason for that is irrelevant. Today, we received several reports of drones flying nearby, operations managers say, adding that drone rules can be difficult to understand.

In any case, it is the duty of the drone pilot to familiarize himself with the rules and restrictions that apply to the area in which he wishes to fly.

At least two have been captured

to Oslo newspaper COO Tore Solberg says there have been reported drone pilots in the past 24 hours. Both of their drones have been hijacked.

It should be common knowledge by now, especially among drone pilots, that it is not a good idea to fly drones close to a warship. We in the police encourage people to keep their drones away, so we don’t have to confiscate them, he told the newspaper.

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The world’s largest battleship, the USS Gerald R Ford, arrived in Oslo on Wednesday, May 24.

In connection with the visit, a number of bans have been imposed throughout the Inner Oslofjord, including a no-fly drone and a no-fly in the air up to 3,000 feet, NTB writes. The ban went into effect at midnight on Wednesday and will last until midnight on Tuesday.

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