Emma (11 years old) died of influenza

Emma (11 years old) died of influenza

Emma Schwab, from Queensland, Australia, passed away last Thursday at the age of eleven.

She was then admitted to University Hospital on the Sunshine Coast, after being diagnosed with influenza type b.

Four boys died: - He was going to feed the ducks

Four boys died: – He was going to feed the ducks

A hospital spokesperson sent their condolences to the family in a statement on Wednesday.

What happened is heartbreaking for everyone involved. According to the statement, we are now offering assistance to the family, showing our deepest sympathy at this very difficult time. Watchman.

flu: When four-year-old Jade Delecia contracted influenza type B, she was on the verge of death. Video: Exclusive/CNN. Correspondent: Elias Kr. Saturn Petersen
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– torn

The hospital does not wish to comment on the circumstances of death.

A fundraising campaign has now launched GoFundMewhere the eleven-year-old’s photo is also shared.

“Please help the parents with living and funeral expenses at this very difficult time, following the recent death of their daughter, Emma,” the website says.

The family said goodbye: then he woke up

The family said goodbye: then he woke up

“Emma passed away tragically last Thursday, at the age of eleven. The family has been understandably devastated, and all of your support will be greatly appreciated.”

So far, 10,600 Australian dollars have been entered, which is equivalent to about NOK 73,000.

A woman in Huntingdon, England has been sentenced to three years in prison for negligent homicide after pushing an elderly woman on a bicycle onto the road.
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Two deaths in a short time

This is the second death from influenza B in Australia in a short time.

Earlier this week, a nine-year-old girl from New South Wales died. Local health authorities confirmed the death Tuesday, according to The Guardian.

Australia has seen a sharp increase in the number of flu-related admissions in recent weeks.

The headless body of a child washed ashore

The headless body of a child washed ashore

In the New South Wales region, the number of flu cases requiring emergency room treatment has risen by 37 per cent, according to a report released a few days ago.

At the same time, the number of cases requiring hospitalization increased by 30 percent from week 25 to week 26.

Children under 16 years old made up 54 percent of all patients who visited the emergency room with flu-like symptoms.

Levi (21) had the flu - he had to be amputated

Levi (21) had the flu – he had to be amputated

They also accounted for 40 percent of all hospital admissions for the flu last week.

He writes that influenza B is found almost exclusively in humans pocket doctorHowever, symptoms are often less severe.

So far this year, more than 152,000 cases of influenza have been reported in Australia. The authorities encourage the population to get vaccinated.

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