Reveals a new career path: – Having turned 60, I only say “yes.”

Reveals a new career path: – Having turned 60, I only say “yes.”

Ragdi, 65, and comedian Sandra Spielkavic, 32, met under stressful circumstances during the recording of TV2’s show “Forræder” last year.

Paranoia was replaced by buzz when they took the comedy stage together later this year.

– In “Forræder” I fell in love with Anne from the moment she opened her mouth. It’s hysterically funny. We became good friends after the recording and I thought it would be magical to be on stage with her,” says the 32-year-old.

FRIENDS FOR 35 YEARS: Authors Unni Lindell and Anne B. Ragde have been best friends for more than half their lives, and talk to each other every single day. Photo: Latter/Bonnier Forlag

Author duo Anne B. Ragde and Unni Lindell (65) are the main characters in the “Julefruer” show. Spjelkavik is there as the ‘friend’, caretaker, and ‘animal tamer’ when the two friends celebrate their 35-year friendship.

My role will be to keep these ladies under control. They are lovely, outspoken ladies, so their chatter can go on there for hours. So I have an important role, because someone has to guide them again when the conversation goes awry.

With crude humor, the two stars will share stories about Christmas, politeness, unfriendliness, liquor-injected ink cake, disease, drudgery and earnestness.

– Unni and I have a blunt sense of humor, so we have to be a little careful. It may be a little difficult for some. But nothing uninteresting. We go from sad to smiling very quickly. Then one of us makes a comment or other, and then we go out and run. This is what we live for, says Ragdy, who suffered a stroke in 2019.

Lindell and Raggedy are experienced in book showers, and the latter doesn’t think the transition to the comedy scene will be of the scary kind.

Make an impression: in

He made an impression: in “Forræder” the author gained many new admirers for his frank style. Photo: Cinder Scavenius

People smile all the time in book showers too, so it really wouldn’t be any different. We’ve heard before that we work as stand-up comedians, so I think that will go smoothly. We don’t get nervous, because we love each other on stage, says Ragini.

The series premiere will take place at Latter in Oslo on November 1, before visiting Ragde, Lindell, Spielkavik, Trondheim, Stavanger, Bergen and Kristiansand.

– I feel very fortunate to be allowed to share the scenes with these two lovely ladies. Spjelkavik says it would be very interesting to travel, drink red wine and listen to their stories.

Ragini, a writer, has been on such heavy writing periods that she has bled from a stomach ulcer. However, in the past year she has moved more and more out of her “writing cave” – ​​among other things with participation in the TV 2 shows “Forræder” and “Sofa”.

After I’m 60, I only say “yes” to what I want. I say no to anything I don’t have a blast with. That’s why I joined Sofa and did commercials. I say “yeah, that sounds fun”. But then I also say, “No, I don’t want to be on a podcast there. I don’t want to be a part of it.” It has become such that I just follow the principle of having fun, and I really want to do this performance.

LYSTTYRT: Anne B. Ragde only does what she wants to do now that she's 60, like appearing on TV 2

LYSTTYRT: Anne B. Ragde only does what she wants to do now that she’s 60, like appearing on the TV 2 show “Sofa.” Photo: Frederick Freley-Hwan

But for those who loved Ragde’s involvement in “Forræder,” the author must be disappointed that she won’t be appearing on similar shows again.

– No reality works for me, because it takes too long. The “traitor” took only two weeks. “Farmen kendis” is now the shortest at five weeks. I can’t be away from Trondheim for long. I can’t stand it, you say.

Sofa is broadcast on TV 2 Direkte on Thursdays at 20.00, and at any time tv 2 play.

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