Review: Justin Bieber in Leangen Travbane, Trondheim

Review: Justin Bieber in Leangen Travbane, Trondheim

Trondheim, 07082022, Justin Bieber, Concert, Lingen Track, Trondheim
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Lingen Tratban Trondheim


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«Life is very fast but God is good.»

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There is more What can be said about the choreographed dances. Bieber does the choreography with the enthusiasm of someone who can’t wait to go home and watch the latest episode of the reality series on Netflix.

Already in song number four – “Sacred” – fortunately began to pick up. Here there’s a bug with cheers attached to it from the audience, and we get the first of several small concert-saving moments: the one in which Bieber seems to be enjoying himself.

It often happens during poems and songs where he doesn’t have to move much – and rarely during the more active pop songs.

under “delicious” Sunglasses pay off. Then it is simply difficult to assess whether Bieber is bored out of his mind, or whether he is percussion instrument It is very difficult for him to forget the focus of his gaze.

Grateful audience: The audience in Leangen was not difficult to pray.  Photo: Dagbladet

Grateful audience: The audience in Leangen was not difficult to pray. Photo: Dagbladet
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But it’s not completely dark. When the acoustic guitar is thrown for “Swap It Out,” Bieber is in his element. And when he brought his friend Sam Tompkins on stage to sing “Love Yourself,” the vibe was too good to spoil the fact that the couple was apparently in the middle of a breakup next to me.

it goes on Along the same lines as “Off My Face,” but as soon as the dancers come out and “Confident” begins, Bieber seems to begin to wonder if he remembered to turn off the coffee maker.

When he enters the stage to sing “Excuse Me,” he appears to be crucified himself. During the first chorus, he simply gives up choreography. After the song, he seems to sigh in despair. Later, when “Baby” sincerely began, he did not seem to share the audience’s nostalgia.

Then it’s time to take a brave stand.

Bieber could say that the world is a place with many divisions. But fortunately, God is good. There is a lot of God on the whole.

Racism is evil. It’s wrong, he declares in cheers and applause, before setting off on “As I Am.”

So it follows A strange session where Bieber makes a kind of speech while sitting with his eyes closed and plays a white grand piano.

It’s hard to follow the common denominator, but the overall theme seems to be prayer and gratitude – and God, of course. Here he simply loses the audience who starts following again when he draws attention to “Peaches” and “Anyone”.

He caused a stir when Justin Bieber Appeared on Gott Brod In the center of Trondheim on a Saturday afternoon. On stage, unfortunately, he mostly serves dry knee. Fortunately, believers eat what is offered to them.

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