Review: Melodi Grand Prix – NRK 1

Review: Melodi Grand Prix - NRK 1

Television: He’s ready for the penultimate semi-finals of the Melody Grand Prix. Four artists will once again compete for a place in the Grand Final on February 19. Bilal Saab and his band, NorthKid, are pre-qualified for the song “Someone”.

Duel 1: Marie Paula vs. Oda Gondrosen (winner)

Duel 2: Storla towards Feldi

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Marie Paula: “Your loss”
Lyrics and music: Lars Horn Lavik, Morten Frank and Marie Eriksen Paula.

It shouldn’t stand for energy. Marie Paula throws herself into the buckets of self-confidence and courage. Stylistically, it’s similar to Taylor Swift’s rocker version. The chorus sits from the first second, as well as both the choreography and Mary’s song. You don’t need years of theatrical experience to set fire to the MGP stage as long as you have enough talent. It has rogalendingen in buckets and buckets.

open pan.

We review Melodi Grand Prix by song

Oda Gondrosen: “Hammer Of Thor”
Lyrics and music: Morten Frank, Elsa Solzvik, Torger Rescivic, Oda Kristen Gondrosen.

Oda escaped with the hammer of Tor, and we are definitively told about this by this people-inspired case. He’s banging on the drums and nodding at the violin, and in the middle it’s like you’re expecting lightning to hit the MGP stage. You shouldn’t rely on dramatic tools in any case. The extenuating circumstances are that the main character herself sings well. Oda knows its stuff and shouldn’t be on hand. The song itself sounds like a leftover from the Eurovision finale in the mid-’80s. It becomes more than just cliched.

We review Melodi Grand Prix by song

Storla: “Shards in the Heart”
Lyrics and music: Sturla Fagerli Larsen

Orkdal’s Sturla has a nice voice and it is shown here that he has good control over it too. The song itself, especially in the chorus, is too repetitive to be completely convincing. But there is still something captivating about the sweet, rich soundscape.

The comparison to Coldplay is not entirely gone. This is a widescreen pop from the cool north of a relatively cute brand.

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