Ringsacker, Lillehammer | Suddenly the arm split into two parts: – It was not normal for things to go well

Ringsacker, Lillehammer |  Suddenly the arm split into two parts: – It was not normal for things to go well

(Ringsaker Magazine): There were a lot of birch trees that had to be removed, and they were growing back. Lars helped the older brother who ran the wood stove.

– The whole family was on the move. I wasn’t old enough to operate the wood chipper, but I helped. I was my elder brother’s assistant and helped put the large heavy logs, which were to be cut into firewood, into the firewood machine. That was the end of the day, Lars says seriously.

Then something happened that wasn’t supposed to happen.

– He saved me

Lars placed a huge piece of wood on the wood chipper, as close to the knife as possible, and his brother started the wood chipper. Suddenly the 15-year-old went rigid and became completely paralyzed. The arm was cut straight across, between the elbow and the wrist.

– I immediately understood what happened. I remember I was wearing a jacket, and it was wrapped around my arm, he says.

Father’s reaction was quick and he knew exactly what to do in such a situation. He was an ambulance driver and took his son to the hospital immediately.

– He saved me. I was sent to Gothenburg, where they sewed my arm back together. It was not a given that things would go well, and they made many failed attempts at such operations. They said I was lucky because there was no trace of rust in the pieces. It was clean and nice. Maybe that’s because the wood machine was brand new, Dehli says.

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The operation was successful, and it is said to be the first successful operation of its kind in the northern region.

-It doesn’t work optimally, it’s a crooked hand. Its movement is somewhat reduced and it cannot be straightened, Dehli says of the arm, more than 40 years after that dramatic day.

Although his hand hinders him a little, he doesn’t want any special treatment, but he appreciates that friends and colleagues understand the situation.

– The cute wrestler says: – I don’t want to be seen as disabled.

– This year’s play is starting off well

Lars has always lived an active life, despite the dramatic accident. He worked at the post office for 38 years and in his spare time played the drums and staged.

These days, Lars Deli occupies the Brøtheim meeting room with Teatris Vulgaris. On Thursday this week, the theater group premieres “Without a Red Thread.” Delhi promises good humor and good music.

– This year’s play is starting off well. It promises to be a lot of good humor and a lot of good songs.

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Even though he lived in Lillehammer for a long time, that did not take him away from wrestling. He was born and raised in Broughtom and still has his family there. Lars has been involved with Teatris Vulgaris since its inception, and has no figures on how many plays he has participated in.

He can feel the nerves of the premiere starting to take effect, because he only has a few days left until he blows up.

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– There are a lot of creative people in the group, and this year we wrote all the lyrics ourselves. “Suddenly, someone comes along and says they’ve created a script or a diagram,” he says.

I started early

This year’s play is called “Uten en Rod träd” and contains a great deal of local material from the village, and the opening number in the play states, “No gladiator can feel safe.” But world celebrities, King and Storm Hans, and members of the government will also be allowed to submit.

– I go on stage with joy mixed with terror. But that’s the way it should be: a little nerve makes you tougher, Dehli says.

The first time Lars played theater was at home on the Delhi farm. On New Year’s Eve, when the family held parties, the children would arrange spontaneous plays for the guests. There the theatrical spark was ignited. Later there was a year at Valdry Folk High School, where he also tried his hand at the stage.

The best part is the applause

It is not known whether Lars Dehle will excel on drums in this year’s play. But there will be music. The Teatris Vulgaris brought in a skilled pianist, Erlend Vesterås, who ensured a secure tone on the keys.

Lars is as nervous before going on stage now as he was 20 years ago, but he enjoys the process of creating something with others. He loves the adrenaline rush when the stage curtain rises and he has to do his best to entertain.

But the best part is the applause. The first time he witnessed thunderous applause was on a school trip to Bergen with the Folk College. This feeling is the great motivation that keeps him subjecting himself to the nerves that come with performing year after year.

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“It’s almost like some kind of poisoning,” he says, laughing.

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