-The worst thing that ever happened

-The worst thing that ever happened

“I feel like I will never wake up again without crying,” a deeply affected Sister Rochelle Amann told VG four days after her brother’s death.

– But I would like to say something about my dear brother. It was absolutely amazing.

Christopher Castenmann, known by his stage name Dottie Dior, died on Saturday at the age of just 27 years old. The sad news reached fans the next day.

Rochelle herself received the message over the phone from her mother.

– My mother called and asked if I was sitting. And then she said he was gone.

For a sister, it is difficult to describe the indescribable in words.

– But this is the worst thing that has happened in my entire life. I cannot understand that he is no longer there, that I cannot contact him – and that we will never see each other again.

Big sister: three-year-old Rochelle with newborn Christopher in her arms. Photo: Private/Private

After Dottie Dior's death, his songs were given new life in the charts. The sister is grateful for that.

– He would love for people to listen to his songs now. If you listen to them carefully, you will realize that he has a lot of lessons to teach. Christopher our His music, and he lived the art.

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Rochelle believes her brother deserves all the credit he can get for everything he has managed to achieve in his short life.

– It was very beautiful. Christopher is working on a new album. The sister says it is very sad that he will never be able to experience how he was received.

– He was always surprised by music, by new sounds, she adds and says that the new sound he sent to her was one of the best she had ever heard.

Rochelle was three years old when her little brother, Christopher, was born. She was a proud spectator of the sudden fame he and Issa (25 years old) gained in 2019 with the song “Hello.”

The score is approaching 34 million plays on Spotify.

Looking back when the duo appeared on VG's list that same year:

Rochelle describes her brother who “always maintained a connection to the land.”

– He was never chased “fame”. Christopher did what he did best, and he did it well. He lived exactly as he wanted, and he did so without compromise.

Rochelle says her brother never allowed himself to be convinced of things he didn't feel.

-For example, he never created a lot of TikTok videos just to get attention. He was allowed to be himself, and he did “easy”but in the full sense.

She remembers her brother as a real person.

He gave a lot of himself and it was pure love. I'm so happy now when I see all the nice things people write about him.

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The cause of death is unknown, but on Tuesday it became known that Dotty Dior was found dead in a music studio.

The sister will not comment on the circumstances, but she tells VG:

– He died doing what he loved most.

She herself remembers her brother's good laugh best. The two were best friends and did a lot together.

-We had a special bond. It so happened that we got tattoos separately, and then we saw that we got them in the same place. Christopher was like a twin to me,” says Rochelle.

The tears remain free throughout the conversation, and you allow them to flow. She says her brother taught her “to be normal.”

She, for her part, had an influence on her little brother.

“Our mother was a single mother, and she helped raise Christopher,” says Rochelle.

The siblings' father is from Nigeria and lives in London. The children kept in touch by visiting him in England.

-But Christopher and I grew up in Norway.

TRICLOVER: Mama Goodney with her daughter Rochelle and son Christopher for many years. Image: private

Rochelle finds a lot of comfort in listening to her brother's music.

-I feel like he's still close to me.

The 30-year-old says his brother was a “deep person,” and that spirituality can be traced in many of his songs.

-Christopher understood things that people don't usually understand, including how the universe works.

Rochelle believes that life doesn't end here, and she has spent a lot of time on this particular topic.

-I have great confidence that life is lived in a higher dimension. And we are here on a mission. Christopher was able to do his job, and I'm very proud of that. Now I think he's in the only place of love, where everything is beautiful.

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She adds:

– Anyone who has had a near-death experience knows that death is not painful or scary. There is a beautiful feeling of security in that knowledge.

Memorial service

The sister says it's too early to say anything about the funeral, but says a private memorial service is being planned.

– Something very large and beautiful is being assembled. More information will come later

2019: Dotty Dior at the P3 Gull show in Oslo. Photo: Odin Jäger/VG

Police said earlier this week that nothing criminal was suspected behind the death.

Dotty Dior's mother, Gudni Amann (52), told VG on Monday that she wants people to stop speculating.

-Anyway, I don't know anything more than that I lost my beautiful son.

In a long text message, Aman described the grief of losing his only son.

– It is said that a four-leaf clover is happiness, but the happiness of being three is indescribable. And now it is being torn away from us. We won't be able to see him again. I feel like a part of me is gone.

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