'Baywatch' star Nicole Eggert shaves her hair while undergoing cancer treatment

'Baywatch' star Nicole Eggert shaves her hair while undergoing cancer treatment

In January, “Baywatch” star Nicole Eggert, 52, was able to reveal that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer just before Christmas.

– This trip was very difficult. I have panic attacks where I say, “Get it out of me.” You sit there with cancer inside you the whole time. “It's growing and you just want it,” she added. the people.

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Eggert, who is now undergoing treatment, has chosen since the disappointing announcement that he has cancer to be open about the entire process Instagram. On Thursday, she posted a video clip of herself shaving her hair.

takes everything: This week, the cancer-stricken influencer decided to remove all of his hair. – I thought it would be difficult, she wrote on Instagram. Video: Instagram / @elin.kjos
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– Fantastically delicious

At the beginning of the video, Eggert smiles at the camera before showing off the razor and starting to remove hair.

“Maybe healing does not involve changing ourselves, but allowing ourselves to be who we are.” – Madeleine Eames,” she wrote in the post.

The actor's youngest daughter, Keegan (12 years old), also appears in the video, helping her mother shave the remaining hair from the back, before Eggert takes over the razor to take what's left of it.

In the past 24 hours, several cast mates have made supportive comments about the 52-year-old actor's brave decision to show a painful part of the process.

- I'm sorry

– I'm sorry

“Bath. Ass. Yes, you're right. And wonderfully delicious, with or without hair!!,” praises Baywatch colleague Erika Eleniak (54).

“It's inspiring and I appreciate you,” comments Alyssa Milano (51 years old).

“Sending you a big hug,” actress Jennie Garth, 51, wrote.

bubble: Jenny Hughes was checked for brain and eye cancer before Christmas. She is now talking about the operation that will take place in January and the way forward.
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– Very painful

Eggert had previously said she had been in contact with her doctor for about two months before she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

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The reason was that she had gained more than eleven kilograms in weight, and she was suffering from severe pain in her left breast. However, she never suspected he had cancer, but she had entered menopause.

The mother is seriously ill with cancer

The mother is seriously ill with cancer

-It was pulsating and it was very painful. The doctor told me I had to get checked out right away, but everything was fully booked so I had to wait until the end of October, she told People magazine.

When she received her cancer notice, Eggert feared she wouldn't be able to attend for her daughters, Keegan, 12, and Delaine, 25.

-Delaine is an adult, but I have a twelve-year-old at home who I am the sole caregiver for. I have no family. i have nothing. It made me realize right away that this is not something to give up on. This is something I have to get over. This is something I have to overcome. She needs me more than anything and anyone.

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